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  1. I'm sorry but right now there is global pandemic and quarantine. This is the only reason why we get updates once per month. I'm actually surprised that they managed to make this update. We need to wait till everything settles in so the dev team can continue updates.
  2. Game feels incredible and controls very responsive. It feels like Valve actually spent a lot of their time optimizing the game for each headset individually.
  3. Very mature response indeed. Cosmos right now taking all time of Vive dev team because it's not in the best state. Report an issue if you want your problem solved.
  4. All I ask right now is for people who extremely frustrated and angry is to take some time off from Cosmos. Please stop spreading misinformation like it's a broken hardware and such. The reason why the updates are slow right now is because Chinese New Year just passed and dev team was taking break with their loved ones. Now the Dev team is back and updates will continue. Also, I would like to remind everyone is that reason why Oculus Rift S got fixed in just few months - because Facebook has insane resources. Thousands and thousands of people were sending their feedback to them and thanks to this Oculus was fixed fast. Meanwhile we got statement "I don't have to help" here. Well, don't get surprised then if takes longer to fix.
  5. I've read a lot of straight up dumb things online but this one takes the cake. Does Alpha Testing product - makes you Alpha Male? If you gonna resort to name calling and keeping crying without any constructive critique, you don't get to call anyone "kids" online.
  6. Hello! I tried increasing resolution as well and didn't notice any difference. I'm not sure how it works on VR but in desktop, if you increase resolution - it won't affect anything (except FPS) if your screen does not support this resolution. Maybe it's the same with VR
  7. I'm very sad by all the mean comments here. I understand that you are dissatisfied with the tracking right now and I was the same at first. Angry and saying this is unfixable hardware problem and even created thread about it. But after just 2 months that I joined - DEV team made so many updates that made the tracking tons better. When I was playing MMO Tera online, I knew developer from forum chatting. He was very kind guy and he once told me "The worst thing about fixing patches, is that as soon as you fix something - you break 3 more mechanics". Trust me the HTC team already knows that this patch broke something and they will fix it. I played yesterday for few hours and tracking with rifle is much better. I can actually zoom. All they need is just to fix the error in tracking that they created and keep improving on the rifle stance. We are much closer to Rift S tracking right now. We just have some tracking issues that are fixable.
  8. Right hand as well. I tried just now this with left hand closer to my face and result is the same. It's weird that we have different results. Maybe due to difference in light of our rooms? Or maybe height difference? My hands are kinda short so maybe that's why? 🤔
  9. Dear Development team, Thank you for your work! I tested the update in the 2 titles GunClubVR and Boneworks in very well lit room and I would like to write I little feedback (and maybe possible solution?) I will begin with good news! In GunClubVR it works MUCH better! You can actually zoom. I easily zoomed in with all sniper rifles and assault rifles. The wobblines in the front hand (hand that holds the barrel of the gun) is less and that's noticeable. Sometimes the tracking loses the second hand (hand that closest to your face) so you have to retry again but it happens not so often. The second part is the test with Boneworks. The rifle stance with assault rifle like 10-15% better if I could say so. But still very glitchy and wobbly. But I noticed the thing that it always the second hand that glitches and loses the tracking (hand that closest to your face when you hold rifle) while front hand is always fine and never lose tracking. So my theory is that the reason why in some games the tracking with rifles is bad - is because the hand that near your face always loses tracking if it's in front of you, instead of being below your face. I think that possibly if team of developers could look into situations when controllers near your face and I mean like really really close. Nearly touching your face - we could find solution to this problem together! Anyway, thank you very much and my plea to the people not to rush them. I hope my feedback was constructive and developer team will give it a try! Thank you very much!
  10. Thank you for your work! That a good quality of life update + bug and error fixes are always important since some people will now be able to play it without interruptions. Is there any news on Rifle Stance? No rush, since it's always better to make 1 good patch than 20 patches with little to no effect.
  11. That's actually very nice to hear! Makes me feel very warm inside - knowing that you care! I was kinda scared because I watched the youtube video with the new lighthouse kit for Cosmos that will be released soon and got scared that tracking patches will stop. But hearing that you really intend to make the tracking good - very nice news!
  12. Before patch 1.8.8 the Archery was truly horrible and unplayable. Now it works for me fine and I would even say good. I play many Archery games like Elven Assasin and Apex Construct - archery works really well. It's not perfect but they will continue fixing it. Maybe there is not enough light in your room or too many "naked" walls. @C.T. @stvnxu
  13. Hey! Thank you for your work! I noticed one weird thing. In the SteamVR Home and Vive Origin controller tracking works much better than in some video games. For example, I can easily put one hand in front of another and move them together - in Origin and Steam Home it easily detects and does not freeze. Meanwhile, in the game Apex Construct if I put 1 hand in front of another - it instantly freezes and looses tracking. It feels like games are using old versions of Cosmos patches and because of this have same errors. I'm not sure since I know nothing how such things works and I might be wrong. But it just feels like it. Because things that are already fixed with Cosmos patches in most games are still present in some of them. Should I give feedback to devs and ask them to update to latest patch of Cosmos support or this does not affect each video game separately? Thank you!
  14. Thank you! I will definitely buy one for my Cosmos! Are there any other "must have" mods for cosmos? My current problem that I don't have save space to keep my Cosmos at. I keep on the table. Is there any "mask holders" or cases for it that you would recommend? Also I want this lens mod. Is it hard to install?
  15. Okay I just tested. And it WORKS! I can actually move now hands to my face. The controllers, almost, don't freeze or spas out anymore (main word is almost) . I just played Pavlov and Gun Club VR and I can AIM!!! I could actually aim now through sniper rifle and other rifles. There is only one problem and it's that when you aim, the front controllers kinda wobbles. It moves from side to side a little bit but it's endurable. This is the best update so far! You made me really happy today, thank you very much! I'm looking forward to more updates until we reach the level of Rift S.
  16. I feel like a child on Christmas morning before opening a present! I will test right now and say how it works!
  17. Okay, after testing with archery - I noticed major improvement. Dunno if this is me but yesterday evening, archery was annoying. But now it's actually works very nice. I can actually draw arrow behind my face and it still holds without snapping. Meanwhile, the battery suddenly dead. I use battery that come in the package with headset, yesterday it was full but today after 15 min of testing it keeps spamming that battery is dead but controllers keep working.
  18. Honestly battery level was never a problem for me. But I don’t know much since I’m new with Cosmos. Gonna test the archery tracking now to see if it’s improved. If it’s possible - please focus on rifle aiming. This is the main issue for me right now. Thank you!
  19. I do completely agree with you on the fact that some youtubers straight up lying about Cosmos. For example, as you said, battery life is good. And now some of them lying about "resolution being horrible" or "door effect" that is complete bs. As I said, I'm sorry if I sound very toxic and mean. I just really hope that with time they will fix it.
  20. Here is a video made before updates: And here is a video AFTER updates: Please explain, what do you mean by "getting better witch each one"
  21. First of all, stop virtue signaling. I've read through your comments and in literally each one, you blindly defend everything HTC did. By this point I'm not sure if you are actual person or just forum bot. Secondly, so far thousands of people, customers and reviewers agree with my statement, that HTC sold broken product. Not even Rift S was this broken on release as far as I checked. But who cares when people like you will defend them to the last breath. Anyway, I won't waste my time having forum argument. Time will tell who is wrong.
  22. They won't. You can't fix broken hardware with software. That's why was nothing major. Because there is nothing else they can do. They now making external faceplate to fix the tracking - that we will have to buy separately. And judging on how much the wireless kit cost - the faceplate will cost around 300-500 euros (the price of the Oculust Rift S by this point). This is just one big mess that awaiting lawsuit from all the customers.
  23. I'm sorry if I sound extremely negative or toxic. But this was a present for me from my gf. After hearing that she spend 843 euro on product that barely works in tracking it's own controllers (yes I updated to latest firmware immediately) I got angry. Of course - I understand that you trying to fix it and releasing software updates but there is a limit to a software. If you are selling broken product that has a problem in it's hardware - there is not much that software can do. Again, sorry for sounding mean but I'm just venting. After several days of reading about other VR products - I noticed that Rift S had some problems in tracking as well when it was released but it was fixed. This is what gives me a little of hope at least. The helmet itself feels amazing. I found sweetspot immediately and everything else works perfect. But the main problem is controller tracking. I have a very strong feeling, and I think this is what will actually happen, that in January - developers will release it's last small update that will fix a little issue and after this updates will stop, you will just release a new lighthouse for Cosmos that will cost me another 500 euros. I know this from experience since I work at big company and know how it's not profitable for companies to keep paying devs to work day and night to try fixing the problem when they just can forget about it and release new fixed product for new price. I've read the message from employee of HTC - Nebula (and big thanks to him to at least not ignoring customers) that they will keep updating it until all customer beyond satisfied. I'm sorry but this is literally customer - seller relations 101. Keep promising and then one day stopping fixing and start making new product. Anyway, I will keep Cosmos for now. Hoping for the best (that probably won't happen. Again, there is a limit to software updates when hardware is not working properly). Sorry again, for being extremely toxic and mean. I just wanted to get it out of my chest. @stvnxu
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