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  1. I returned the Vive Cosmos (in store) stating it was "Not Fit for Purpose" . Iron clad statement given the state it was it and most likely still is in. Full refund obtained. Bought a Vive Pro instead. Happy Days 🙂
  2. I wasted no time returning my Vive Cosmos for a full refund. The store confirmed my suspicions that many other cosmos headsets were being returned for the exact same reason. TRACKING! I might have held off if tracking was the only issue but I couldn't see past the software changes force upon me. Software didnt play nicely with Unity 3d as well. I hope one day the Cosmos becomes the headset it should be, a true successor of the Vive and Vive Pro. I know there are people out there that will contradict my point of view to justify their purchase but to put it simply, the facts outweigh the opinions. I just wish I read this forum before impulse buying the Cosmos in the first place. A real shame.
  3. "As for Vive Console, I thought it have to work with SteamVR together......or is there any way to close Vive console?" Vive Console and SteamVR are linked in someway. I've not seen anyway to close or uninstall Vive Console.
  4. I must also add.... That when the face plate mod is released, It should be offered as a free upgrade to all existing owners of the Cosmos via redemption. It surprised the hell out of me that they even considered not integrating outside in tracking into the headset from the very beginning. I know one thing... I'd buy a Vive Pro headset with integrated cooling fan which includes the screen/guts of a Cosmos in a heartbeat. Best of both worlds. Vive pro 2 perhaps ? 🙂
  5. I simply want the choice to remove Viveport from my system without disabling the hardware due to the way the system/drivers are integrated into the install. Previous Vive Systems do not have this issue. As I stated, its a great headset but I'm fairly sure I won't be the only one that doesn't require the HTC/Viveport system. I also dabble in a little VR development and have already come across a couple of issue I've not stated but again around the VivePort software not playing nicely with unity which I'll reserve for another time. Had I known about these quirks, I may have delayed my purchase. I'm a loyal HTC fan and really appreciate the quality of their equipment so I'm willing to wait in hope that my concerns will eventually be addressed. I just hope HTC doesn't use the Cosmos to force people into using their Eco-system. Hopefully SteamVR will one day release with full support for the cosmos and not require any Viveport / Vive Console intervention. As far a tracking is concerned, I feel its well below par when your come from the base stations 2.0 setup. Accuracy and Lag are quite noticeable on the hand controllers but the head tracking seems OK abet a small delay/smoothing effect when moving quickly in high intensity games. As it stands, I wish I could use my Cosmos headset with the Original Vive wand controllers to improve accuracy. I will say the I do like the "feel" of the new cosmos controllers. @TomCgcmfc Thanks for apology. I respect other peoples opinions but phrase like "You must be kidding mate?" "Each to their own I guess, lol" belittle my concerns and comes off as dismissive. My first gut reaction was that you were a HTC representative performing damage control. Forums exist for people to voice all concerns and opinion. Good and bad. For now, I'll stick to my negative comments and hope HTC do something about it.
  6. Nice attack, Nothing constructive, Personal opinion. Next please.
  7. Just recently purchased a Vive Cosmos and I'm having trouble understanding why Viveport and Vive Console automatically launch when I use Steam and launch a VR app. SteamVR 1.9.xx shows me the status of my devices and has some settings I can adjust as does Vive Console. My purchased games show up in steam but also show up in Viveport. Forgive me if I seem perturbed by why force the VivePort ecosystem upon your users without consent just like Microsoft tried forcing Internet Explorer upon windows users many years back. I've invested a lot of $$$ on Steam and Viveport Infinity doesn't include many of the premium VR games as part of it subscription. With the original Vive, it was simply a matter of uninstalling Viveport. The headset and controllers still worked flawlessly with SteamVR. This is not the case with the Cosmos! I've packed up my cosmos and gone back to my original Vive until this mess is sorted and the face plate mod is released. Its a great headset, pity about the software and controller support that HTC provides. Lets hope the HTC will sort this mess out before the Valve Index becomes available in Australia or Oculus enters the premium headset market. Starting to feel I've bought a lemon. A very expensive lemon! I'll be waiting in anticipation.
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