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  1. To be clear, to get better performance I just have to have the game window minimized, or have a browser window pulled up?
  2. Do this, and give us a way to cheaply upgrade existing cosmos owners to the better alternative. You need to do some hole plugging or these types of things are going to happen and you're going to lose any brand loyalty you scrounged from the original vive era.
  3. And a way to cheaply upgrade existing cosmos owners as compensation for being their beta testers.
  4. Steam VR crashes. htc_rr and gamepad support gets blocked. No way to play any of the games, I'm not trying to do a system restore because of this update so basically bricked for now. It's just disappointment after disappointment. I wish I could refund this crap headset and just get a better product.
  5. For some reason after this update I've been getting bad display port connection where the headset will just go black with error 006. Rolling back.
  6. I've uninstalled Vive software 3 times now and re-downloaded it. When I launch the Vive console app it will say that I no longer have access to the "private test program" and will kick me out of the beta updates, forcing me to run with the official patches. So basically i'm being forced to be left behind. When I try to join the beta program from Settings>Advanced>Beta Program it says "activation code not valid". This has never happened before, and is yet just another thing on a growing list of things that are broken about this product. Contacted Vive support, nothing helpful beyond uninstalling it via control panel and re downloading the software. Works for about an hour, then does the same thing.
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