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  1. Ok, thanks for the quick reply. Do you have another solution? More precisely when I hold the shotgun in front of me to aim, and that the arm of the hand on the pump is stretched to the maximum, the nearest is really very close to the cameras. This is the only time when two-handed tracking loses precision. But it is also normally (if this problem does not occur) the only way to make an accurate shot with the shotgun and this will be even more true with a sniper rifle. I would not like to have to deactivate the two-handed functionality when the player plays with light controllers.
  2. After implementing a two-handed weapon concept, the weapon rotation is good, except when the weapon is held before the eyes. I think the brightness of the nearest controller disturbs the camera which has a difficulty to determining the position of the farthest. Is it possible to change the controller brightness in the code?
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