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  1. I have a fan on mine and it keeps the temps down to around 50 but still have the issue. Also as joellipenta said it happens with both the HTC and third party batteries. @Synthesis
  2. I tested boneworks again and had a similar crash but to a black screen. I don't think its CPU/GPU related but possibly something to do with wireless and the way some games are coded. Is there anyone with the wireless that hasn't had any issues with Boneworks or B& S?
  3. @TomCgcmfc I had an Intel i7 6700k with AMD rx580 GPU and upgraded to AMD R5 3600 with nvidia 2060 super GPU so quite a big change hardware/make wise and the void issue described was present on both systems and in the same games. Never had it in Superhot or Thrill of the Fight for example. I will do some more testing over the weekend to see if the issue returns. @C.T.
  4. I have the same issue in Boneworks and Blade & Sorcery and I have the wireless kit too. Boneworks was unplayable for me so I got a refund. I have reinstalled Windows and all the Vive software in the past day and haven't seen anymore crashes with Blade & Sorcery but its early days, I will post if it happens again.
  5. I have the 10000 and it lasts around 1.5 hours, similar to the HTC for me. Not tried the 20000 but it will work and should last potentially double that with the bigger sized battery.
  6. Anker do a QC 3.0 battery in both 10000 and 20000. I can confirm this works with the cosmos
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