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  1. Thank you very much! I tested the new version and can confirm the calibration works fine. Furthermore the calibration can be started within Unity again.
  2. Yes, I finally got it working. A (not sure if the?) problem was the non accepted EULA license. @Tony PH Lin gave a good hint. However, it was a bit difficult, as in the frontend (how he suggested) the EULA was already accepted and therefore I was not able to accept it again. Then I figured out that the backend (SRanipalRuntime) stores the acceptance in its own config file (the above mentioned SRanipalConfig.ini). There it was not accepted and I had to set the following two properties: ReadEULA=0 AcceptEULA=1 After I did that, SRanipalRuntime was able to install the firmware (versio
  3. Hello, I was now able to test it with another PC and attached the logfiles. There the firmware is also neither recognized nor can be updated. Does this mean it is a hardware problem? ViveSR_Log.zip Tobii.zip
  4. Unfortunately the firmware is not updated. I have attached the new logiles. I performed the following steps: powered off the HMD uninstalled the old version removed the Tobii and the "HTC Corporation" folders downloaded the version installed it powered on the HDM started the SRanipalRuntime As you can see in the logiles, neither the firmware was detected, nor it was updated. pr_log0.zip ViveSR_Log.zip
  5. @Corvus Thank you for your help and the suggested properties. At the moment I do not have any other PC to try. Unfortunately SR_Runtime tries to update the firmware even if I disable it with the "EanbleFirmwareAutoUpdate=0" property. However, when I looked again in the SR_Runtime.log, I recognized, that the firmware version was printed there during startup until 2020-10-05 13:34:25: [SR_Runtime] [2020-10-05 13:34:25] [LOG] [HW INFO] HMD firmware version : 1.88.0-8106667 But from then on the firmware was always empty: [SR_Runtime] [2020-10-05 13:37:56] [LOG] [HW INFO]
  6. Hello all, I am desperate: Since Monday our eye tracking is not working anymore. As you can see in the attached Tobii-Logfile, SRanipal requires to update the firmware of the eye tracking camera. This fails and is immediately retried, resulting in an endless loop of failed firmware updates. Unfortunately this firmware update is required and prevents the regular functioning. Also the EyeChip-device is always ejected and recognized again during this process. The HTC-Vive headset and ts cameras are working fine. I tried already many things: Several SRanipal-Versions: and 1
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