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  1. Hello, If I understand correctly, you should not use SteamVR at the same time as Vive OpenXR. However, I cannot run MSFS without SteamVR. Therefore, I am forced to run both but it does not give me a problem at the moment. @Dario
  2. Hello, Today I tested OpenXR with my Cosmos and I have to say it's great. I did the test with MSFS 2020 and was able to see the difference compared to the default Vive software. Indeed, I was able to see a better graphics rendering and was able to increase my graphics options without this affecting the quality of the game. I only encountered a problem with the visibility of the glass cockpit, but for that I have to find something to play with in terms of options. Very good job, thank you.
  3. Hello, Thank you for your answers. I am in contact with support by email. cordially
  4. Yes. When I turned the wheel, the setting appeared but after several minutes of inactivity it did not reappear anymore. Also when setting the figures move but stop while I continue to turn the wheel. I used the problem reporting. Thanks.
  5. Hello,I just tested the IPD setting again.I confirm that it appears randomly when you touch the setting button. Also when the adjustment window appears and you turn in one direction or the other the adjustment and the value of the IPD do not necessarily move and the window disappears after a few seconds.When you turn the knob, the window does not reappear.This is embarrassing because the setting may not be optimal.Whether in the Viveport or in game session the result is the same.For information, I checked and applied the latest updates available.Thanking you for your help @stvnxu
  6. Hello,Thank you for your answers. I would do tests and tell you exactly what I do and whether it works or not.I'll keep you informed.
  7. Hello,I recently bought the headphones and am satisfied with them.However, I have a problem with setting the IPD. Indeed, when I turn the adjustment wheel, I do not see systematically appear the setting window indicating the distance of pupillary ecrat.Could you tell me if this adjustment should be done at a specific time or anytime, even in a game session? And if so, why does not this feast appear?Thank you. @stvnxu
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