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    Low FPS

    @all user's I been in IT for most of my employment what I have done in the past when someone tells me a clean windows install will solve the problem. First I don't believe them second is if I have to do it. I always image my system disk before doing any clean installs reinstalling programs could take hours. So before you wipe your system disk for a fresh window install to try something always image it. Below is a link for free imaging software this is a must for every user. https://www.ubackup.com/
  2. I'm using tenavolts rechargeable 1.5 volts batteries and I get approx 5 to 6 hours.
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    @Hooflee That's your lighting in your home in US it's 60HZ and in Europe it's 50HZ the headset operate @ 90HZ You can check in SteamVR under settings video
  4. @coleco The best place to look for fully support Vive Cosmos would be look at the games on Viveport some SteamVR games are supported.
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