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  1. If someone is just getting their cosmos new for the first time update do they have to follow any of these steps or just update normally?
  2. @VibrantNebula Do you know when the next tracking update will be?
  3. @VibrantNebula I'm going to be blunt here, I know you guys are working on improving the tracking, I can see that, however what is the end game looking like? Will you be able to bring the tracking levels up to acceptable range? Do you guys just need time? I don't want to think that I made the wrong purchase, but if the tracking issues can't be completely addressed with software that would be concerning, especially when you have the faceplate with the lighthouse tracking releasing next year, I really don't want to see you guys throw in the towel. The biggest issue I'm seeing is you can't bring the controller close to the headset without it freaking out, and you cannot aim down sights in games or properly use a bow and arrow.
  4. I just ordered a VIve cosmos, starting to feel buyers remorse, I had a quest VR but it the picture wasn't crisp and high enough rez for me even when using oculus link, however my IPD is so high that I cannot use a Rift S, the old HTC vives can no longer be purchased new, and index was too damn expensive plus I don't like dealing with light house tracking stations, so cosmos was my only choice, I know the tracking isn't great but with the 4 updates they had since Late october has the tracking improved any? I can't seem to find any videos that have info from the lastest update, I mostly would like to hear back from people taht have the cosmos currently and if you can still play games with it without too much difficulty, my most played games were Arizona Sunshine, super hot, Hellsplit arena, Sairentno, Roborecall and Until you fall. I'm hoping I can play these without any difficulty on the cosmos.
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