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  1. Damn I don't know why I had hoped this would spark a more active discussion or that I might find other quiet and frustrated cosmos users to discuss it with. HTC are such a massive letdown, it must be depressing to have worked on the cosmos and produce such a terrible result. You're right, I suppose we should just face the music and accept that Cosmos is abandoned and the poor state of the tracking now is truly the best their engineers could do. I just wish there were more effective ways to communicate how upsetting this whole ordeal was. There's no way I buy anything that HTC ha
  2. I've been using my headset again recently after leaving it to gather dust for a while. In my opinion it takes a really conscious effort to work with the tracking. You have to constantly be aware of your hand positioning, rarely being able to rest them by your sides, pretty much working within a cone emanating outwards from your headset. I've learned to try to shrug off the tracking losses as you're swinging your hands around and I try as hard as possible to avoid anything that means I need to put the controllers together like drawing a bow or using a two handed weapon in games. Even worse
  3. Ah sorry I realise now you've mentioned the cosmos elite, I'm afraid I was thinking of the regular cosmos. I've got no experience with the elite unfortunately 😞 Best of luck though
  4. I had this issue after reinstalling windows 10 and the installer grabbed some crappy nvidia drivers for me that wouldn't let me overwrite them with the latest ones I downloaded. I ended up having to get display driver uninstaller, uninstall the driver and stay offline to stop it downloading again, then update to the proper latest nvidia driver. After the next reboot out of safe mode I was able to install the console. Are you able to try that?
  5. Did your controllers ever work before or is this a new system? I know there has been the point made that it can struggle if your light source is white fluro bulb because the controllers use bright white light for tracking. Are you able to try in a yellow tinted light?
  6. I hadn't used mine in a while and went back to it recently. I must admit I'm having a lot of fun and it does seem to have improved a lot but I think it's only because it's my only exposure to VR and I have learned to compensate for the poor performance of the cosmos. It still lets me down quite often but at least the controllers recover tracking a lot quicker now.. Seeing this explains so much and makes me so damn sad. How can the performance be so poor when so many other inside out can do so much better. What an expensive dud, I only hope they keep supporting it long enough that I can ge
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