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  1. Hi all, I have a very pixel sensitive application. As in, it expects a specific pixel output width/height in order to look correct. From what I can tell, the Vive Pro Eye outputs at 2036x2260 when I set the Render Resolution to auto in the settings. This works and my application looks fine when I configure it for this resolution. However, when I turn on eye tracking, my application now looks wrong when viewed in the headset, but still okay when mirrored on my monitor. In the two images, you can see that there is a line when I take a picture of the inside of the headset, bu
  2. To anyone also looking to do this, the solution I found was this: In the json file "C:\Programing Files (x86)\Steam\config\steamvr.vrsettings", add the line ""forceFadeOnBadTracking" : false" to the "steamvr" object. (See the screenshot below). Now the headset will continue to work outside of its tracking area. Useful if you want to use a different tracking system (i.e. OptiTrack), or have an AR application that doesn't need tracking.
  3. Thanks everyone for your input! It's been very helpful! I also bought some disposable masks to protect the foam cover, but will probably end up delaying the study a bit longer to be safe. @VibrantNebula By the way, this was the reply from the hardware team: "We can not confirm at the moment on how to disinfect the vive but we would be releasing soon a guide on how to clean the vive so please stay tuned to our website," so I guess I will wait a bit longer and keep checking www.vive.com for more info.
  4. Hi all, I am also wondering if it is possible to use the Vive (specifically the VIve Pro Eye) outside of its tracking area. I will run an experiment where participants will view the world with vision that has been altered in some way. Importantly, eye tracking is a must. We also want them to be able to walk around a building freely. Is this at all possible with the Vive Pro Eye? And if not, does anybody know of any other solutions available? Thanks greatly for any advice! Edit: Just to clarify, head tracking is NOT needed because the participants will be viewing the world
  5. I will start running experiments using a Vive Pro Eye in the next month. To protect the the participants I want to use cleaning wipes on the headset. Is it safe to use alcohol (70%)/isopropyl/ethanol wipes on the lenses and chassis of the Vive? Thanks!
  6. A previous post: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6256-vive-pro-eye-wireless-adapter/ said that eye tracking with the Vive Pro Eye would work while using the wireless adapter, however, for me this isn't the case. When trying to calibrate eye tracking it always fails while using but the wireless adapter, but is successful when using the link box. Can anybody give me some advice on this issue? Is it really compatible and if so, are there any extra steps that need to be taken? Thanks! @Daniel_Y @zzy
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