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  1. If I recall correctly seeing this thread long time ago, you can double click left hand vive key and then the trigger to capture content screenshot. It sounds like something you want.
  2. Try double click the left hand controller, it should bring up the steam VR Dashboard
  3. HDMI adapter won’t work. Try type C to DP adapter instead.It But I’m not sure if it is from GPU, you may have to figure it out on your end.
  4. did u disconnect the headset that comes with it?
  5. try what this guy suggested, works for me. I think HTC only added the reset front direction/floor height function, not the redo room setup just yet.
  6. Very well surprise update this morning, so far much playable on my favorite games. especially H3VR, and Boneworks. but still, what was the most wanted feature about? It doesn’t seem to come with this update. Or is it a better tracking?!? Anyway, cheers and thank you @C.T.
  7. Try to reinstall all cables, and switch to another DP port. It looks like bad signals and connection.
  8. Yeah, it's listed in their release notes last month. Contact MSI support to update VBIOS seems the only way to go. https://developer.vive.com/resources/2019/11/01/vive-cosmos-1-0-7-1-release-notes/
  9. try this, this might work. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35
  10. Already made up my mind to get the lighthouse plate to replace this experimental tracking updates. Every now and then, the controllers are unpredictable thru beta updates.
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