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  1. I still have not received a response to my issue report after over a week. @stvnxu
  2. I'm having this recurring issue ever since early November when the "low light" issue was fixed. I even bought two LED lamps to brighten up my play area, but now any time I'm playing, if I face toward the northern wall of my room, or if I get too close to the floor (for example to pick up an object on the ground in-game), I immediately get the "There are not enough features around you" error. I have to stare at the floor for about ten seconds, and then it continues tracking, but if I need to crouch down or look to my left, it immediately gives me the error again and my controllers immediately stop tracking, and if I'm in a game like Blade and Sorcery this is a serious issue because it immediately drops whatever I was holding, every time it happens. Is there anything I can do to fix this? It's getting tiresome. @stvnxu
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