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  1. Wife's Setup: HTC VIVE - Wireless Adapter HTC VIVE Wands HTC VIVE Trackers x3 1.0 Base Stations x2 2600X GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE WiFi 32GB @ 3200MHz RX 580 Powerbank for Wireless adapter is an ANKER 26800 and a USB to USB cable (somewhat sure it's 2.0 - 2.0 but is the one that came with the wireless adapter) My Setup: HTC VIVE - Wireless Adapter Valve Index Controllers HTC VIVE Trackers x3 1.0 Base Stations x2 8700K ASUS ROG MAXIMUS CODE X 32GB @ 3200MHz 2080 Ti Same powerbank and same adapter cable in use for the wireless adapter Genuinely tho
  2. Here's the thing though, headset works fine while wired. Wireless and no. I've even gone so far as to replace my wireless adapter cables with my wife's (she has the same setup as I do) same problem. Changed out even the adapters. Same problem. Her adapter my cables, same problem. At this point I think it's the Wireless Sensor itself that's at fault.
  3. Of late I've been getting these "Black Screens of Death" / "Grey Screens of Death" where suddenly all picture in both lenses goes black or grey and sound is cutout. Sometimes I can come back from a grey screen of death with or without sound. Black screen however is death and needs me to restart steam and the headset in order to function again properly. My Base stations are about 8 feet off the ground, and in opposing corners of the room of which is only 9' x 9' there's no reflecting things. No mirrors, monitors get a blanket put over them, no caged animals, windows are covered with a black out
  4. Software Info HTC Connection Utility: Intel WiGig SDK: 4.0.10377.40 Display Link: Steam VR: 1587177915 OpenVR Driver: Windows: Windows 10 Home (6.3) Windows BuildLabEx: 18362.1.amd64fre.19h1_release.190318-1202 Hardware Info CPU: i7-8700K CPU @ 4.70GHz GPU: GIGABYTE AORUS WATERFORCE EXTREME GeForce RTX 2080 Ti WB GPU Driver: (445.87) HMD Type: 2101 2101 2101 (Original HTC VIVE) RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB @ 3200MHz (Quad Channel) Config Check:[Regulatory] FC [PCIe] Silicon: C6, OTP: NEW [HMDA] Silicon: C6, OTP: NEW
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