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  1. Hopefully, support can help then. I was thinking maybe a fan wasn't working that would cause that part of the head set to overheat but I don't know anything about VR construction. I'm looking around my room thinking what it possibly could have been. Since it's a Cosmos I do have some pretty bright LED lights, so maybe reflecting off my metal wire shelf in just the right way? But man if that was the cause I'm going to play the lotto this week.
  2. That's what I thought at first as well, but I don't have it near a window or any light sources (first thing I read when I got my unit in lol!) I just have LED bulbs in the room so it seems odd, but that is what looks like what happened.
  3. Hi all! I submitted an email with this problem, but today when I put on my headset I noticed in the lower left just about the system text (you know room is too dark, etc) it looks like there's a burn in the LCD, like it's almost melted. There is not damage to the exterior of the headset that I can tell and it's never been dropped or used for more than an hour at a time. So I wanted to post up and see if anyone else has experienced this? I just updated the Beta but it seems odd if that would cause the issue. @VibrantNebula
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