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  1. Help.... I started the cosmos up tonight, updated the drivers. Found myself under the virtual floor? On top of that, if I cross the controllers in front of my face/headset, the virtual ones bounce in and away from me. The tracking issue appears to getting worse, not better. I keep defending HTC and this purchase but I’m starting to get the feeling that I’ve backed the wrong product... the oculus S is starting to look better and cheaper. I know this sounds ridiculous too. Another thing that’s adding to the feeling is that fact of asking over and over to get a clear idea of how the controllers are tracked so that I can assist in my own troubleshooting and diagnosis of a growing tracking issue, yet I’ve received no replies or info regarding this simple inquiry. I downloaded and printed up the cosmos 67 page user guide only to find it’s useless when troubleshooting the controllers? 50+ pages of info and directions for the headset, 2 pages of nothing really helpful about the controllers. Again. Just a little help please. Not asking for super secret HTC technological info here, just a basic understanding of controller tracking. I know they are mostly tracked by the cameras on the headset, what is tracking them when they are outside the range of camera view? @C.T.
  2. My own apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’ll try and get the requested info back to you soon. Tonight, I started up the computer and cosmos to check for updates and found myself under the floor? My room settings need to be reset. Lol, having fun trying to understand why the setting keep changing with each new patch.
  3. It’s all good on this end, sorry if I came off hostile 😞 At this point, I just want to troubleshoot the damn controllers. Still waiting for an answer of “how they are tracked”. As the forum is showing, questions are becoming plentiful, answers are vague or non-existent.
  4. Sooo envious of your eve online experience! I was a beta tester for it and then spent two years playing. Loved it, sadly my (now ex) wife wasn’t a fan on the amount of time I put into it so ended up deleting the account.
  5. Ahhh?!! Totally ruined it. I would’ve replied to the question, when is the next update (cause yeah.. that’s a scheduled thing) “and tell me next update time” answer: 1400 pst x-D
  6. Here’s a question/issue. The beginning of my 2nd night using the cosmos, it did something different. Keep in mind, I already had performed the room setup and initial settings, played games, ect. This night when I started the headset up, I get the “white room” version of my surroundings as the are folded away and the virtual room I’m in expands into a giant environment. The headset tracking was fine but the controllers refused to track at all? I got the the portion where the white room guide asks you to squeeze the right controller trigger and then nothing. Since I did not have any virtual controllers in the environment, there was zero response to anything I did to them to progress further in the training scenario (Before anyone asks, yes, the controllers were both lit/on and I did power cycle them as I was wondering if the batteries I had changed out just prior to starting the cosmos up had something to do with it?) I could press the vive button on either controller and bring up the bubble menu and play with those settings (virtual controllers appeared for the menu), as soon as I pressed the vive button and closed the bubble menu, the virtual controllers vanished and I was stuck listening to the guide endlessly asking me to “squeeze the trigger”. I shut the VR program down and re-started it. Now it seems silly but that whole “white room” folding away experience was actually VERY cool! Watching my imaged virtual desk and walls fold and drop through the floor as the my living room transformed around me was awesome!! Sadly, after the re-boot of the program, I’ve been unable to find and restart that start-up program? So to need this, it’s an appreciation slash issue slash along with a question.
  7. ***As I said in a reply to a-key, I’m an engineer, mechanical discipline but I have years of electrical experience as well. If the tracking issue is something to do with environmental factors or personal hardware, they can beta patch this thing into the ground and it won’t address the underlying problem.
  8. Okay. I thought about this for the past few days and here’s what I need to know to resolve the source of the tracking issue. How are the controllers tracked? Specifically. If its through camera tracking alone, this would explain the tracking loss at certain angles of movement. But I want to know if the controllers have any other means of tracking? Another example of something effecting tracking is the location of the connection box. *see attached image* I tried putting this in a mounted place on the side of my desk to prevent it from being yanked by accident and pulling the cables+tower along for the ride. I immediately noticed something wrong with the tracking; severe loss of tracking and motion control. so I put the box back where it was and the tracking returned to what it was originally. since the wired connection did not change, there must be something wirelessly coming from this, or it’s unshielded and affected by close proximity to other transmission/power sources. Regardless, knowing EXACTLY how the controllers are tracked will allow me to analyze if the issue is from hardware or the units themselves. @C.T.
  9. Lol, I’m an engineer. An 99% success rate is phenomenal in newer gear. Remember that the next time you buy anything new! Home appliances, cars, ect. They always are prone to issues and assuming they will be purchased with zero defects will set you up for disappointment EVERY time.
  10. Hi Tom, Currently, there is a ceiling 3-bulb high-intensity/natural lighting over the center of the room. Perhaps a secondary lighting source may help. As for the batteries, I changed them out with new ones. Lol, that was my 1st thought tonight before powering the cosmos up again. Something else just occurred to me that I didn’t realize what it was until I read it in this same post. The trigger button is lagging and failing to respond at times. So here the crux of it all. Are these issues computer-Programming/hardware related or cosmos related? I had to look up and adjust a sound issue I had upon initial start-up where the audio driver gave preference to the computer instead of the cosmos -(Common place enough to have earned a “how-to-fix” web search)-. Curious to owners of older HTC VR gear, are some of these tracking and other issues problems the other headsets+controllers experienced?
  11. I wear glasses and yeah, have the same light leaking around the nose issue but I also agree with another comment, I don’t mind it as it lets me peak at a tiny crack of the room around me without breaking the VR sensation too much.
  12. Hi there, sorry to interject but I’m looking for ways to reduce or eliminate a random loss of controller tracking? Is it a setting I need to adjust or something else; the way I’m facing or the light levels in the room? (tried adjusting these as I figured having less room light would allow the headset to “see” the controller lights better! Yeah.... didn’t work so well as the room boundaries and floor tracking ability vanish). Here’s what I mean by random tracking loss. Playing beat saber, can hit almost every object flawlessly, infact, I love how accurate the tracking is! 225 out of 226 score for a new player is a testament to an accurate tracking system. However, here’s the fluke. Once or twice during a song, one or the other controller flashes out of view and misses the swing at object! Ive tried to eliminate all environmental factors such as room position, angle of overhead lighting, minimizing arm movements which could be taking the controllers to behind me or out of the headset camera views... still having the 1-2 misses? When we’re talking about 1-2 out of a couple hundred swings, it shouldn’t matter. What bugs me is how well the tracking works 99% of the time and randomly (1% of the time) hiccups. Thanks for any assistance or helpful advice. ~chris
  13. Anyone having the lag or graphics issues when in game and you click the vive symbol, opening the bubble menu (sorry that I don’t have the names for the menu options but certain everyone knows which menu I’m referring to). I noted in three different games now that opening the menu by accident or otherwise severely stalls out and/or temporary freezes the background game. A few times, it’s resolved itself with only minor screen pixelations or images/frames appearing + disappearing rapidly to the sides of the viewable area. Other times, the game stopped responding entirely and I ended up starting a different game and shutting down the frozen one. Just wondering if anyone is experiencing these issues? OR If it’s my new computer? >my computer specs< Intel Core i5-9400f 2. 9GHz 6-Core | Intel B360 Chipset | 8GB DDR4-3000| 1TB HDD | Windows 10 Home 64-bit AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB Video Card | 1x DVI | 1x HDMI | 2x DisplayPort 5 x USB 3. 1 | 2 x USB 2. 0 | 1x RJ-45 Network Ethernet 10/100/1000 | @stvnxu
  14. Hey, I ordered my cosmos through amazon, it came back with other hits for the wireless mounting bracket for the other vive units. I noted on the HTC site that they have (or will have) a wireless cosmos adapter. Scroll a ways down to find the “wireless” info. https://www.vive.com/us/product/cosmos/ It may not be available at this time but I can say that there were product images and technical descriptions available for the unit.
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