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  1. the messages have been altered but the result is still the same. HTC VIVE COSMOS has 2 settings not enough light for tracking or to much light for tracking. I am very disappointed about the HTC Vive Cosmos. Will NEVER buy a HTC device anymore, last update was more than a month ago, and still i have the feeling that the 6 cameras are not used together or some are not used together. Raising my controller above my head always result in losing the controllerfor a moment. Making a fast movement from back to front he controller goes allover. I you not can solve the problems give the HTC Vive Cosmos buyers a discount on devices that can resove this problem.
  2. I feel a little bit cheated, will there be an extra for those people like us, who did buy a device that is already EOF after 5 months. This is not the way to solve our problems HTC, i hope HTC will come with some extra information and perheaps huge discounts for people who did buy the cosmos for 799 euro
  3. i have played a lot these last days, a lot of different games, still disapointed. Left side waist height tracking all over the place. This evening i tried to play the battlewake just for the fun of it, and after 2 minutes i could NOT reach the wheel anymore while i was still standing inside the red floor circle. It still looks like not all the camera's work together or are used all of the time. I admit you made some progress but after 4 months i had expected more.
  4. So according tou you, it's oke to release a very expensive device ( compaired against the Rift S), which you know it's faulty ( if they tested it) and then release every now and then a small update. No thats the real problem it is NOT easy, but after 2months i still can not rely on the Cosmos to have at least 1 hour without a minor or big tracking issue, THAT IS MY PROBLEM
  5. i am very sorry, but i am very disappointed about this update, controllers are more precise AT SOMETIMES. During playing in a fully lit room., i still get the message " to dark", in the old fimrware i could play on, in this firmware the controllers function sometimes. It's now holiday time, is there somebody from HTC who can tell us about a timeline, when all this will be fixed. After every update i still have to wonder about every game if it will function again or not.
  6. Have been playing for 1 hour now with new firmware update, it feels a little more precise, but a lot more floating when controllers a near to each other, have only played during the night. curious what is will be with a fully lit room. I had expected some more advancement after all these weeks,. I have to reset the room when playiing in liited space. The controller has enough buttons to getting an own button for realining room/tracking space ( sitting of a whole room)
  7. Why develop a headset with 6 RGB camera's if you have no intension of making good use of them ? I have not enough knowledge about AR but could it be that Vive is already preparing this headset for AR use also. If this headset only works perfectly with an upcomming basestation ( which is sold seperatly i presume) HTC Vive will know a lawsuit is around the corner.
  8. Very good points, also mid body tracking left and right are not consistant. But that is the strange about the Cosmos, i you play for a long time it looks like the 6 camera's are sometimes not working. The move i made 20 minutes ago without problems, the same move is now way off . After talking to vive support i do not have high hopes the Cosmos is still a priority for them. I hope i am wrong, but the last few weeks every week a big update and now a very small and not even some improvements. Until now i did not tell anybody not to buy the Cosmos, but if things are not changing very fast i will advice to all friends and clients, do not buy the Cosmos.
  9. Oke, i am getting a little bit more positive, played for a while had no strange controller issues, could play game's very well even in lit room. Looking up does not make the controllers go everywhere, all in all it seems a lot more consistent . I had ZERO freezes tracking ( that's a big improvement) . Will continue to test, but getting my hopes up again.
  10. Try looking up with the headset while holding your controllers to your side or a little higher, everthing goes everywhere. It is not just a fluke its always with 4 different sports games. ( i think i has to do with fast movenmoment), because in google vr everything is oke. I tried the same thing with quest and rift s ( the same sports programs) and everything just worked fine. I keep thinking that the six camera's in the Cosmos do not work good together, or that the program that uses the camera's for tracking is buggy and inconsistent al possible I hear that amazon had a lot off htc vive Comos headsets returned, i do not hope that HTC will abandon the product and leaves us with a half finished device.
  11. I do not have a Vive Pro, At htis moment the Cosmos is way behind on tracking compared to the quest and rift-s, and i know i used them all. I am currently using Htc Vive Cosmos, pro easy to use with glasses love the heaviness of the controllers ( need some getting used to) , but using them for a while, they feel the real thing compared to oculus NO fogged up headset, even if it is cold in the room and i am boxing for a while CONS Still very bad and incosistent tracking Because of the flip headset it is not easy to get a good fix Inconsient and sometimes hanging steam and vivepro portals just my 2 cents
  12. Within 10 minutes playing my controllers went everywhere and all over and i took them each time 2 minutes to get back in to form. Something must be off with how the camera's cooperate , if i look striaghtforward everyting is oke, if you look up or down ( not way up or way down just slightly towards the ceiling) to fast the tracking is already off. I do not know how many people you have working on this, but this bad a experience i never had even in the beginning with the Oculus Quest or Rift S. This is no longer acceptable for a unit that costs 800 Euro. Where can i get my Black Friday #HTCSAYSSORRYDISCOUNT
  13. Did some extra tests. It realy is worse, bad tracking aroubd waist line left andf right, played 3 games and google earth vr , Goole earth was the ONLY application in which the controllers did nog go all over. Can we go back to that was the beste one the last 2 weeks
  14. Sorry to say, but only minor improvements daylight tracking got a little better, but in a completly lit room, my controllers go sometimes everywhere, i had one time 10 minutes ago i had to wait a least a minute before the controllers where online again. I have been postiive for a long time, have tried to be supportive, but we need real improvements NOW. I want HTC Cosmos reward also the people who have already bought this headset and tried to help you improve it , we all paid maximum price ( but next friday it will 100 dollars less and 1 year viveport) so you could sell a headset that was working without the wordt tracking problems. I will not add this up to poor life choices, this is NOT a kickstarter or beta product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Yes i can agree but even in daylight setting it seems to me that rapid movement, or slightly from the sight give the biggest problems. I also have problems tracking when my hand and controller are near to the floor ( playing tennis)
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