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  1. Hello everyone,, The first thing we tend to think when we hear about eye tracking in the vive pro, is that foveated rendering isn't that usefull without a better resolution. But then we see use cases, with a coaching application to help speak in public, that can check if we do good eye contact. Then I am thinking that it means than in Pavlov I could see the eyes of someone, when he is talking, and just know he is talking to me. Actually this is often so awkward, you must wave at someone, or put yourself in front of him so he can understand you are talking to him. This brings better social immersion, and this really mater I think. However what is funny is that when you buy knuckles you benefit the most of them, but with eye tracking, I think it's the one watching you that benefit the most of your purchase xD
  2. Hello everyone,, I´m currently trying a sample Unreal Project with the SRWorks plugin, where I just want to view some Objekts in my working room. For easier placing, I did put a standard floor widget into my level, but I want to hide it when the "Game" starts. So I connected the "Set Actor hidden in Game" with the Event BeginPlay in the level Blueprint (see screenshots)But somehow, this event is never triggered when I start! =( Any idea why? Note that I´m new to Unreal, so the problem may not be related to the SRWorks plugin.. @Daniel_Y
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