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  1. You mean Facebook has the monopoly on IR internal tracking?!! That's incredible! IR is just part of the light spectrum, there shouldn't be an IP on it! Knowing that, HTC should have continued with external tracking (for sure everything will be solved with the external tracking faceplate). Anyway thank you for the explanation, that answers most of the questions about the Cosmos tracking issues. I'm amazed by what could already be done with optical internal tracking alone. Hope you also have an IP on it!
  2. I guess HTC will have many request like these. I don't want to pay more for Cosmos controllers, as I already have very good (Index) controllers for my Vive, or for the original faceplate that would be useless for me. On the other hand some people like Hooflee will need basestations... It would be nice to offer the possibility to order only what you need, like Valve did with the Index. HTC could sell a "naked" version of the Cosmos, with different faceplates, controllers and basestations options. Cosmos is a great HMD because it offers many options, but it is rather expensive and I think customers would be happy not having to pay more for useless features, but just for what they need.
  3. Thank you for the answers! I hope the external tracking faceplate will be available before the release of major VR games like Alyx.
  4. Hello, Is there a date for the release of the Cosmos lighthouse compatibility kit? Could HTC release a "lighthouse only" edition of the Cosmos? That would be great for Vive users like me who just want to upgrade their HMD without having to buy a Cosmos + the compatibility kit. Thanks Jérôme @stvnxu
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