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  1. OK, solved. Restarted everything, and, I don't know how, but it works! 😋
  2. I changed from AMD to Intel to improve my performance in wireless VR but for the moment it's a disaster (everything worked fine with my previous AMD config).☹️
  3. OK, did the clean install and just reinstalled everything... But nothing's changed: "Impossible to find any headset". Wired VR is OK. Green flashing light on my wireless module. Blue light on the PCI-e card.
  4. OK, found the solution: I deleted the Vive Wireless folders in C/Programs and C/ProgramData. But I still can't play wireless: "headset not detected". I checked all the connections. My wireless module has a green flashing light Rebooting doesn't help
  5. Hello, I just changed my hardware from AMD to Intel (CPU + motherboard), updated all my drivers and my Windows edition, and I can't play wireless anymore. First my wireless Vive could'nt be detected, so I decided to test it wired, everything is OK. Then I decided to uninstall/reinstall everything: Vive drivers, Viveport, Vive wireless app, SteamVR. The problem is I can't install the Vive Wireless app anymore: I get an error message: "Fail to shut down SteamVR. Please shutdown SteamVR and try again.". But Steam VR isn't running and rebooting doesn't help. Any idea?
  6. Just found that: https://casques-vr.com/vive-cosmos-elite-le-casque-seul-et-la-faceplate-bientot-disponibles-16564/amp/ Yay, nice move HTC, I'll soon be able to upgrade my Vive, at last!
  7. Thank you for the answer! I am just realizing that the Vive Pro is still one of the best HMD on the market and that no other device relased after it brought any significant improvements. Critics mainly focused on its price and that's the reason why I never considered buying it till now. But its price drop to 600 $ (cheaper than a Cosmos + external tracking faceplate that finally might not be better) could make it the best option for wireless PC VR in the end (I'm trying to build the best wireless VR combo).
  8. For people who tested both Vive Pro and Cosmos, considering the HMD alone (image quality, comfort and ergonomy, ignoring tracking and controllers), which one is the best? I already use Index controllers and it will soon be possible to use the external tracking with both HMD, so I'm only interested in the HMD itself. Some people seem to prefer the Vive Pro screens despite the more pronounced SDE. Is the Cosmos really more comfortable and easy to use? With the recent price drop on the Vive Pro, and every options for a Cosmos with external tracking coming with an expensive kit, I don't know which one to buy.
  9. I don't get HTC's policy with those expensive kits in a very competitive market. Why doesn't HTC just sell the Elite HMD alone, like the Vive Pro? That would be the best option for people who want to upgrade their Vive (there are still 27% of Vive users on Steam according to the latest survey, but it won't last).
  10. From what I understood from the new HTC announcement, I'm disappointed. If I want to upgrade my Vive, I will have to buy: 1) a 499 $ Cosmos Play (including two 99 $ inside out controllers and a 50 $ 4 camera faceplate that will be useless for me) + a 199 $ external tracking faceplate + ...separate headphones (one of the most immersion breaking accessory)! 2) If I want built-in headphones, a 899 $ Cosmos Elite with two 130 $ controllers and two 115 $ basestations that I already own.
  11. You mean Facebook has the monopoly on IR internal tracking?!! That's incredible! IR is just part of the light spectrum, there shouldn't be an IP on it! Knowing that, HTC should have continued with external tracking (for sure everything will be solved with the external tracking faceplate). Anyway thank you for the explanation, that answers most of the questions about the Cosmos tracking issues. I'm amazed by what could already be done with optical internal tracking alone. Hope you also have an IP on it!
  12. I guess HTC will have many request like these. I don't want to pay more for Cosmos controllers, as I already have very good (Index) controllers for my Vive, or for the original faceplate that would be useless for me. On the other hand some people like Hooflee will need basestations... It would be nice to offer the possibility to order only what you need, like Valve did with the Index. HTC could sell a "naked" version of the Cosmos, with different faceplates, controllers and basestations options. Cosmos is a great HMD because it offers many options, but it is rather expensive and I think customers would be happy not having to pay more for useless features, but just for what they need.
  13. Thank you for the answers! I hope the external tracking faceplate will be available before the release of major VR games like Alyx.
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