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  1. Tethered my man. Can't afford wireless adapter yet unfortunately
  2. Funny. Boneworks works ok for me. (I just play like shit) *contains course sailor tongue language*
  3. Hooflee

    Rev 1?

    So packaging change means price increase?. Lol I'm investigating this, it's annoying me.
  4. Hooflee

    Rev 1?

    Ok. Why would my retailer put this up?
  5. Has anyone here on this forum or even the devs tried sli with this headset? I'm intrigued to see if there is any benefit to the system seeing as it's such a high resolution display and requires quite some strength to push it to its limit. Or is sli just dead?
  6. Hooflee

    Rev 1?

    Rev 1 doesn't sound like something to reference a box change. We can only hope, and if this isn't the case I'm definately selling off my cosmos for a rift s
  7. I want to see where this goes. Please keep us updated. I'm getting somewhat tempted to sell my cosmos for a rift s.
  8. Hooflee

    Rev 1?

    The place I bought my headset changed from plain cosmos to rev 1? So what does this mean? I know we all bought a product that is not complete yet, but does this signify that this isn't even the final headset? Rather upsetting if that is the truth
  9. The controller would have to be a whole new one sporting ir modules instead of the current led setup which can only be tracked using actual cameras as opposed to traditional lighthouse tracking. I definately second this motion as going back to an original htc wand feels gross and lacking.
  10. I feel that it does slightly. Definately when I look up now , so my next house I get my games room will have the funkiest wallpaper
  11. I've actually printed off some markers and stuck them on the walls and the ceiling, I'm just wondering if it actually has any impact
  12. I've had similar instances during games like pistol whip where I duck from a bullet and my body gets stuck in the ground for like a good 10 seconds, completely ruining my session. As far as I can see tracking when you crouch in general can mess things up abit. I think I'll make a video demonstrating this and post it for the devs to see. (Will also report through console)
  13. I'm just wondering if placing visual markers, like those black and white abstract ones people use for AR on walls in the play area would improve the overall tracking experience?
  14. They actually have some finger sensing capacity built into the cosmos controllers. While playing boneworks if your finger touches the trigger or your thumb touches the analog stick it will register as a touch. I discovered this and it kind of blew my mind,
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