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  1. The base stations on my Vive had been working perfectly for about 2 months, and then randomly started becoming disconnected for about 15 seconds at a time before reconnecting. So you could be playing a game, then the screen would go gray. The Base Stations themselves would look fine: green light, correct letters, everything seeming solid, but the Steam VR interface would show them grayed out for a bit. Hovering over them gives the message "base station not detected." Then, after the short wait, the pop-up would change to "searching." and finally everything would be good for a while, until the next drop. Sometimes it happens once an hour, sometimes it happens every 5 minutes. The base station indicator lights remain green at all times. The base stations are both up to date, as is everything else. They have a clear, unobstructed view of one another and are properly angled. The problem occurs with both optical and manual sync (yes, I have properly switched the letters for the appropriate sync modes). Power management is off. Bluetooth is off. When bluetooth is turned on it seems to still have communication with the base stations even when Steam VR claims that they are disconnected. The problem has persisted through many, many power cycles and reboots. Any ideas?
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