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  1. I concur, and will stand with anyone who want's to take legal action.
  2. This is appalling, I feel abused and let down by HTC. I held onto the cosmos because HTC said they just needed time, WELL its nearly been a whole year and the progress has been slow and subpar. Someone needs to be held accountable for this failure of a product. AND on another note WHY DO AUSTRALIANS GET CHARGED MORE THAN OTHER COUNTRIES, THIS COMES ACROSS AS RACIST TO ME. For example - the vive cosmos tracking faceplate costs USD $199 which converts to AUD $275 BUT YOU CHARGE AUSTRALIANS AUD $399 which converts to USD $287.85 HTC I WANT A REFUND and an APOLOGY.
  3. Yes, also I would like the ability to turn off the "your room is too dark" message.
  4. I'm on the latest beta update, changing this setting did nothing for me if anything it made things slightly worse. Thank you.
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