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  1. I recently bought a Vive Pro and it seems much worse than my OG Vive. The sweet spot for the lenses was almost twice as small (~30 degree cone vs 60-70) and the chromatic aberration on the outside of the sweet spot made it almost unplayable. This was compounded with the much dimmer screen. Also, the strap is absolute garbage compared to the DAS. Is there any ways to rectify some of these issues? I want the increase in resolution and money isn't a factor, but it seems like I'm paying for a worse expierence! Any advice would be super appreciated before I refund this thing. Also I do use the Vive
  2. I have the money for it and a top end pc to run it, but is it worth it? I don't have a vive right now but I have tried my friend's vive many times so I will be getting the full set of 2.0 stuff. I've heard the vive Pro can at times break immersion due to certain textures not meant to be seen like 2d backdrops not noticeable without the increased resolution. That and even with my 1080ti and i7 I've heard the pro can still be very demanding with detailed games, should I stick to the Vive and get a good monitor then wait for the next vive, or go big and get the pro? I've had many arguments with m
  3. Hi I am developing VR projects with Unity( for Oculus Rift CV1, Gear VR, Oculus Go) and I am Oculus Start Program Member and I am interested in developing VR projects for Vive heaset, for it, Is there a Development Edition of the Vive headset at the moment ? Thanks for your time Castana
  4. My battery will charge correctly and completely with the blinking lights when charging, when I go to use it after only a few minutes of use it cuts the power to the vive and the lights on the battery blink. The continue to blink (without being plugged into the charger or vive) for about 30 minutes to an hour at which point it seems to function normally, but after plugging it back into the vive begins to blink again. The only way to go back is to charge it again up to full then I get a little bit of time. Also sometimes when I leave it plugged in for a little while after it is done charging it
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