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  1. I'm having a weird problem (googling showed me nothing)... Any game I start pops up some steam key binding "window(in vr)". I don't know how to use it, I didn't call it up, and it's stopping some games from working. I have no wands. When I close the game, my home shows the wands again. I'm clueless, and as I said. I can't find any help on google.
  2. The motherboard is Gigabyte H81M-S2H. I am using usb2, because it refuses to work at all in usb 3. I'm using the rear sockets. If I use usb3, I just get a greyed hmd, and nothing else.
  3. I'm running the public release. My system is: Intel i74790, 16gb Ram, Nvidia 1080 series 12gb, 240gb SSD. I'm also having an issue now with the hmd side light. if unused for a while, and i switch on steam vr. hmd tracks, but the light is red with no screen on. Just another issue to add to the ongoing problems.
  4. See, even the website won't let me sign in to the account I posted the question with lol.
  5. It's just happened recently. To be honest, it's happened since I tried the suggestions to my other problem in another post (still not resolved). To be honest, I have uninstalled, reinstalled either the drivers, steam, windows. and I'm just accepting now that the vive software is just bugged full stop, and no amount of updates seems to fix anything. Maybe sometime in the future, Valve/HTC/Steam, whoever, might release software that works.
  6. Hi, I put Vive in a usb 3, and everything loaded up fine, but as soon as i pressed the steam menu, I got the grey screen. when I removed the hmd, the hmd and 2 controllers were flashing as though not tracked, but the lighthouses were synced and operating fine (according to the vr window). both lighthouses were green too. after 30 seconds the lighthouses in the vr box went out, but the physical devices were still green. My motherboard is a gigabyte H81M S2H. This happened on the first time i used it today. After my reset, and back in a usb2. It worked until i finished. I came back on a few hours later. No tracking whatsoever, but lighthouses were green. ps. sorry for 2 nicknames, my other pc will not let me sign into this account. Theres no option on the webpage to switch user (i tried logging out, but clicking log in keeps using the other nick)
  7. As title. I have owned my vive, for well over a year. And from day 1, on multiple machines,, I can only use VR once. Twice if i am lucky, And no more vr untill I reboot. If i turn off vr, and switch on later, I am lucky if i get past grey screen. If I am lucy, steam loads, but if I call up the dashboard, the screen (hmd) goes grey. Thats it until i reboot the pc (rebooting). Today I spent half hour trying to get vr running. I gave up. All drivers and windows are up to date.
  8. Mine too. It's so bad it's frustrating. takes almost 2 minutes to scroll to the bottom of 125 items.
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