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  1. I am not dreaming. It is a reasonable expectation that when a product does not perform the function for which it was designed, advertised and the reason for which it was sold that the company which sold it makes good on that product by either replacing it with a functioning product or refund the money to those who purchased said product.
  2. HTC, I like many others here, pre-ordered the Cosmos and have had it since its release last October. This is my first time posting because I thought every new tech product has its growing pains so I didn't want to complain. However it has been ten months now and the tracking is very poor especially considering the purchase price of this HMD. I understand that the pandemic has slowed things down but you guys have got to fix the tracking soon because a year of having a product which does not work as advertised at the cost of $700 US is beyond absurd. Either get the software patched to wher
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