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  1. With the compilation of November 8 at 1:46 p.m., the eyetrackig calibrates and works ok, but the dashboard test application still doesn't work. The data we are obtaining is consistent Regards!
  2. We recorded data in an experiment for two weeks and suddenly (after the last update) it becomes very difficult to calibrate the eyetracker to any user and the data we collect is rare. The eyetracking test integrated into the htc dashboard confirms the data. No one is able to illuminate the marked points. Something has happened with the update or the eyetrackers of 4 htc pro eye have been broken at the same time @Corvus @Daniel_Y @zzy
  3. Hello We are a research institute of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, and we have 4 helmets with eyetracker. After the last update the eyetracker has become unusable. We have tried using previous versions of SR_Runtime, but the result has been the same (or not working, with version 1.0.0 for example) In the case of being able to calibrate, the data given by the eyetracker is erroneous. It seems as if an erroneous calibration offset always makes them look up. We urgently need a solution for this problem. Or the possibility of reverting to an earlier version of the software. Regards
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