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  1. Just think of the VR HMD as a monitor strapped to your face; it does not care what you do so long as you stay tethered. Are you trolling, because these questions sure sound like you may be? Sorry for my poor English.
  2. You have to install a card in your PC and mount a transmitter connected to it so that the wireless receiver gets the video and audio signals to transfer to the Cosmos HMD. It simply replaces the wire connection, no more.
  3. answers as asked: 1) be sure that the Cosmos you want to buy qualifies for warranty support if that is important to you. 2) what specific problems are you referring to? 3) You need to remain connected to the PC, either tethered or wirelessly. The room-space-limits only refer to moving around in that area to play a game that involves action by player, such as the Lab. To watch a movie on the Cosmos (I do not know why you'd want to do so), you only need to stay in connection range.
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