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  1. Hope you don't mind me asking if you have checked the tracking during your experiment? When we checked it in our application, it seemed to record the eye movement precisely.
  2. Hi guys, I have the very same problem since two days ago (could not light up the blue "test dots" with my eyes, have to guide my gaze more downwards to hit the aimed dot), chatted with the support and can you provide some information. What I have tried out and could not solve the issue: - updating (SteamVR, Sranipal, NVIDIA Graphic driver) - running SteamVR in a beta version - also the hardware is not the problem: tried another Vive Pro Eye headset (on the same computer) and it was the same problem (interestingly also same "gaze shift") - then I have tried to run the calibration on another computer - same problem - technical support also checked the hardware and couldn't find anything. Literally they gave up after almost 5 hours of support. - I have also checked if the eye tracker tracks precisely although the "calibration test" doesn't work - good news, it seems that the eye tracker works fine nevertheless. So, we came to the conclusion that it could be a software problem since the last SteamVR update a couple of days ago but not influence the tracking itself.
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