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  1. Dude, you don't sell something retail, high price, and expect your users to test it. That is ridiculous. When you sell an end product, it is supposed to be working. Period. When you buy a car you expect it to work, right? You don't expect steering to be all over the place, and wait for it to improve over the next months if you submit enough debug data. I appreciate the HTC employees in this forum, and I thank them for the effort to communicate constructively, especially since it is not their own fault the product is like it is. I also appreciate the devs working to improve it. But when I
  2. Not sure how bad it used to be, but I'm on, and in good lighting, holding up the controller in a fixed position and moving my head around results in the controller wobbling in the opposite direction. Even holding it and not moving my head does that. This is beyond ridiculous.
  3. Not really, it's not. I was already registered for the beta, and therefore couldn't play. It would ask me to renew the code, and then the VIVE Console would close. To fix it I had to unregister for the beta really quickly, before it popped up the message.
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