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  1. HTC Cosmos - Definitely on the right path towards correcting the inside out flaws of tracking issues for OOBE, still RIFT S is more polished. Nice update before the holidays...Maybe we can get Reset View / Reset Position by New Year's 2020. Haahaaa maybe that's a little too much.
  2. Thank you for being honest. For the thousands (let's not kid ourselves HUNDREDS) of consumers that purchased this poor product...tracking is still way below expectations from the competition standards. Still NO re-center/rest view option. I know the team or person responsible is looking for a new job.
  3. VIVE COSMOS console would block the initial loading of COD MW forcing you to boot into safe mode or turn OFF the VIVE console within the system tray. Vive Cosmos tracking still sucks and there is still no Reset view/re-center view option.
  4. Where is the REST VIEW/RE-CENTER VIEW within the UI? Guess the message was passed along and the engineering "team" will get to it when they get to it. One picture shows a desk lamp that works perfectly fine with Oculus RIFT S, QUEST, etc. Laying in bed and watching movies is a real life action people with VR units do take advantage of in low light (with inside out tracking). Never does Oculus products tell you the lighting conditions are too poor to play with...at all. Other picture shows MAX lighting in room and the VIVE COSMOS will still from time to time say something regarding lightning, not enough features, or dont block cameras when putting on the HMD. Which is all a bunch of bull shit. (Please excuse the room; Contractor oversees.) Long story short: Oculus Rift S - NO issues on lighting, tracking, or to reset view within the UI. On a $400 device Vive Cosmos - Terrible issues with lightning, very poor tracking mentioned sooooo many times and will continue to be mentioned, and NO reset view at all within the UI on this $700 device. VIVE Cosmos Community Forum is dead. Nothing like Oculus or Valve's forums on consumer devices. Days go by with no action. Maybe the HTC team does see they dont have to play ball, because their following is dying off dramatically.
  5. http://www.ign.com//articles/2019/11/25/htc-vive-cosmos-vr-headset-review Two thumbs down boys...HTC team should go back to the drawing board. They need help seriously. Damn shame. Most of the day one supporters dont even want to comment (positive comments) or show friends and family this trash call the Vive Cosmos. And HTC says the device is Modular for upgrades. Tell me who would really continue putting money into the pocket of HTC, that cant correct their own issues with the product? Google Cardboard has a better audience and following... IGN score = 5.7 Skip it
  6. HTC Vive / HTC Company - Still no way to re-center the display, turn off set boundaries, controller tracking is pure **select negative word**, now if I x2 click the LEFT controller (home) button to display the Steam overlay, the Steam overlay will not go away at all. The RIGHT (home) button will still from time to time if pressed x2 display totally different pass-through than what I selected. On HTC's Black Friday Instagram ad and on their own website, they display someone playing the Vive Pro https://www.instagram.com/p/B5TC8eQh1BW/?igshid=6z9cryopqp6x I truly understand not wanting to display the NEW troubled HMD that cost $700 USD that staff cannot and will not fix. Maybe they should just do more false advertising OR controlled showings of this janky HMD that is by no means close to functional. Let's point out some transparent facts: HTC Website Forums/Reddit page - they are not as active as Oculus nor Valves'. Days go by with little to no one talking COSMOS, Vive Pro. More talk/chat of OG Vive than anything. YouTube - No one is watching or posting for the HTC COSMOS. Every heavy hitter from YouTube has provided their input which was not good for the HTC COSMOS and they recommend consumers to look elsewhere. Open YOUTUBE right now and search "HTC COSMOS or VIVE COSMOS" and narrow your search to just "TODAY"...watch the underwhelming results. Piss poor performance and production that HTC will not bite the bullet for! Staff will continue to ignore, sweep matters under the rug, and not take credit. HTC VIVE team and all staff - just go ahead and take on outside consultants from OCULUS / VALVE teams and pay them well to fix this mess you all created. OR provide free hardware (HMD and controllers) that work. Why continue to put the consumer though this? To be straight up...no company or organization is to big to fall. Tired of HTCs' $h!+ already. One and done...but never again!
  7. Not even doing this. Still want to know why no re-center / rest view options...anyone? You may continue @TomCgcmfc
  8. Just wanted to provide my honest input. The VIVE COSMOS is beautiful visually. However, straight trash on the software/tracking front. Pros: Screen visuals are great! Things that are OK: Sound Cons: 1. Tracking HMD and controllers. 2. No ability to re-center your environment (what team missed this? Come'on MAN). 3. The BS lightning requirement is plain stupid. On my Oculus Rift S, I can have on only a desk lamp and lay in the bed to watch movies or play games. All without issues with controller tracking nor getting the annoying message about your environment is to dark. The controllers will get stuck as if they are unwilling to move as I'm instructing them to do. Dont even get me typing my issues with gun games (Onward, Pavlov, Contractors). We would be on this topic for a very long time. 4. The front padding is not comfortable and will leave a pattern on your forehead lol. Many many more major things I could bring up. Yes, the Oculus Rift S had similar issues on release minus the environment lightning BS message. Rift S Release date was May 21, 2019 with a firm fix for tracking issues by June 28, 2019. I understand HTC lost their partnership with Valve. I dont understand why they would introduce this half ass bake product to the market. Now I totally understand that you all may not have the winning team to compete moving forward. Amazon return date: No Later than November 24, 2019. Get it together or its getting returned. Myself VR Enthusiast and Products personally owned - x2 Oculus Rift CV1, Valve Index, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, Gear VR (which had a re-center feature), HTC Cosmos. Gamibg PC setup - 2080ti, i7 9700K, 2tb ssd Gaming Laptop setup - 1070 max q, i7 7700hq, 1tb ssd + 512 ssd
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