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  1. Hi, Patrick Can you tell us, what is a name of bad add-on ?
  2. hi, @edu616 are you having the same problems without overclocking?
  3. an idea that came to me immediately : wouldn't it be easier for the cameras to follow a flashing light than a fixed light on the controllers ? and in addition more battery on the controlers
  4. hi @TomCgcmfc why surrendering ? I'll cook for you, if you want! But never surrender!
  5. hi all, i tried apex construct last night and I confirm that the displacement only works in teleportation.
  6. olà @jvicente1971 Eu tamben jogo a Elite Dangerous, e naõ encontro os teus problemas ! antes de jogar, limpo bem as lentes do HMD, e como diz o nosso amigo @Shevron, o positionamento do casquo è muito importante, eu jogo sem à alça acima da cabeca ajuda muito. Translate : I also play Elite Dangerous, and I can't find your problems! before playing, I clean the lenses of the HMD well, and as our friend @Shevron says, the positioning of the HMD is very important, I play without the strap above the head helps a lot.
  7. I haven't had time yet, I'm going to do this tonight, I just look at the comments on viveport and some actually that the cosmos controllers don't work...wait and see
  8. @Shevron you can take a look at this post it can help you (https://forum.vive.com/topic/7618-lighting-environment-guidelinesutility/)
  9. Sorry for our English-speaking friends, but I don't have the courage to translate because my post is not translatable! A little google translate effort you will understand why!
  10. hi all, me what I noticed especially is that when the batteries of the controllers are weak the tracking is very bad, which is normal, but when the batteries are replaced, the tracking does not improve except restarting steamvr + vive console
  11. Hi, @OuiMurphOui I'm playing Asgard Wrath, and the archery is widely used (Tyr Combat for exemple), the only advice i can give you is not to rush when trying to tighten the rope 🤪 i know it's not easy in action but it helped me a lot. My firmware release is the public
  12. hy guys, that's it, this is the end ! I finished the game last night, and my appreciation is the same, tracking very correct, but i also share the opinion of @Klayburn on arms reloading which is sometimes frustrating. and what is even more so is the lenght of the game, a little short...(17H)...but good experience.
  13. Hello @tonton Je rebondis sur le post de @TomCgcmfc, parce que quelque part il à un peu raison, je comprends ta frustration, moi aussi quelque part je me dis que pour le prix c'est un peu vache, et en plus moi le mien, j'ai déjà quelques pixels morts, mais j'en fais pas une maladie. j'ai rien dit jusqu'à maintenant, mais là franchement, c'est tiré sur la corde, tes appréciations sont peut-être (surement) justifiées mais on à tous compris que tu était déçu, a bon entendeur..... Désolé pour nos amis anglophone, mais j'ai pas le courage de traduire .......
  14. hi @TPO with your configuration you could participate in the SETI program! 👍
  15. i look forward to version 1.1 ! 🥇
  16. hi @TomCgcmfc i use glasses, but unfortunately my glasses are too big, and touch the lenses, only solution for me : lens. snifff
  17. hi @MrTotoro, @CrakeJ If it can help you, i'm removed the strap completely. And i find my head position more easier, just tighten a little more behind.
  18. hi @Fink You talking about the Beta, it's a private beta ?
  19. @manudu78 how is it possible !! max 8hours with my 1900ma/h ! Comment c'est possible !! je tiens au grand max 8H avec mes 1900ma/h !
  20. @jhintze yes I agree with you but this problem was already known, I make sure not to bring them too close.
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