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  1. yep ! But why HTC doesn’t he supply the charger ? we won’t ask ourselves that kind of question!
  2. hi @TomCgcmfc Full charged 3hrs with a samsung travel adapter
  3. Hi @TomCgcmfc I feel irony in your words, and i want to explain my actions : i I spent two hours to configure PCars2, 'i played only 10mn, the default of center view is critical, every time can i play, the screen slipped or left or right, I understood that it was necessary to launch the game with the head in front of the screen to have a Chance to have a centered screen, and again it didn’t work all time. I I had to do it again a room setup several times. But i confirm with this actions my battery pack lasted 2 hours. Please @HTC resolve this issue as soon as possible ! My config : MOBO 7270 PRO GAMING M5 I7 6700K 16GB Ram SSD 1To RTX 2060 T500RS + Paddle + Gear
  4. hi all, my feedback with wireless adapter : 2hrs with controller battery 50%
  5. Thx for french language !
  6. Hi all, Another question : how can i extending vive wireless Antenna ? It's possible ?
  7. no worries for the videos, for the rest I leave it to the other members to answer you I am also new in VR.
  8. Hi Keane0411, for 300€ don't hesitate the problems described will be fixed I have no doubt htc has already made great efforts so far That's my opinion.
  9. Thx a lot for your response .. I will test with a usb port type C to see if it goes more faster ....I WANT TO PLAY sniffff
  10. https://www.komplett.no/product/1138714/gaming/gaming-utstyr/vr/vr-tilbehoer/htc-wireless-adaptor-for-cosmos
  11. Hi @TomCgcmfc, How long did it take you to charge the battery? wich usb port did you used ? htc suggestion ? (Sorry for my english is very poor ;-))
  12. @joellipenta for me in pre-order Cosmos (included)
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