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  1. Agree to initiate a class action lawsuit against HTC
  2. Agree to initiate a class action lawsuit against HTC
  3. My friend and I tested three shooting games each the last player: Although sometimes the hand will be shifted to the head, but now people can be pointed with red dots. pistol whip: When the head wants to hide the bullet, it will lose its position. pavlov: When I entered the game, the original recognition was normal. I bought the gun and suddenly it was not recognized. I couldn't reposition it. Then I fixed it under the field of vision and the handle operation was reversed.
  4. I would like to recommend to you Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Super Flash Charge Edition. Full symbol requirement, 45 W máx. USB-A (puerto único): 5V3A / 9V3A / 12V2. 25A / 20V1! 35A USB-A (doble puerto): 5V3A USB-C: 5V3A / 9V3A / 12V3A / 15V3A / 20V2A Tres puertos: 5V5. 4A / 9V3A / 12V3A / 15V3A / 20V2A He can provide at least 4 hours of battery life and even 5 hours 20000mAh Xiaomi banco de potencia 3 Super Flash 50W Max versión PB2050ZM con Triple salida USB USB C externa 3 carga rápida de dos vías - AliExpress https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4000223647115.html Available here
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