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  1. HI, I bought the cosmos on preorder. I got it. tryed it in my basement about once every 2 week but it was completely unplayable. I almost puke 5 time. everytime I turned my head it was somehow sluggish headset lost tracking... I kept playing on my vive 2016 instead. on beta 1.07 I was able to play only game that you dont turn your head... but I kept hope. today I dit few thing differently. just install beta 1.08. then I tried to wrap a piece of paper around each of my light bulb to have a more diffuse lightning. wow I was able to play for real. and for the first time I did not regret buying the cosmos. even if it was a paper weight for to long. I might report again if something go wrong. but I played arizona sunshine for about 30 minute flawlesly 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 very happy the update and finding a way to make the light more diffuse was the thing to do.
  2. I tried doom vfr with the new update in a well lit environement( basement with a lot of led bulb) and another game but I was about to puke in less than 5 minutes the everytime I turn my head it is jittering .. I have absolutely no issue with my vive 2016.
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