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  1. Any news on the improvement of the sitting experience? I haven't put on the headset since I bought it. I purchased it to be more a monitor replacement than just playing dinky VR games. However, it had no way of aligning and adjusting screen centering while just sitting still. It always required to re do the entire room scale setup. Any fix for re centering view? @C.T.
  2. You need to buy something called VorpX. It makes non VR games, VR. @The Zenic
  3. Excuse me? You have a web browser that can be accessed in VR? Am I missing something here? What are you talking about facts .. you either have a working VR web browse or you do not ...
  4. I may be missing something here, but the sitting experience is still horrendous without being able to adjust and recenter the view of the Cosmos on the fly. (Oculus Go, Rift, Index) This would significantly improve the product. It seems monitor replacement or using the headset as a monitor was never even considered. No body, and I mean no body wants to have to go through the entire room setup to fix their view by a couple of inches. There is fine tuning that has to take place and you have to redo the entire setup and guess if it's right.
  5. But you guys still understand that makes your product subpar? Referring to another company's short comings means your product is still a short coming whether that company delivered or not. As of now, I may have been fooled buying this product, but that mistake will not be happening again as a lot of reviewers have already stated. You guys need to get to work making sure you actually have content and an appropriate experience. If you give us hardware but you're lacking content we have giant paperweight
  6. Do we have any update on this? It's very important. This is turning out to be horrendous. it's so limited in its capabilities simply because you have to go through the entire setup to make ANY little adjustment. The seating experience is literally non existent in any game I've played so far. Just agitating.
  7. Guys, the sitting experience is very subpar. When I am sitting in my char just wanting to experience the view of VR, but not really caring for use of the controllers (wanting to use mouse and keyboard or joystick). For example, the head is rarely lined up correct when sitting. In the oculus, you just hold a button for a couple of seconds and it resets the view. Here, if you don't get the circle correct when you first draw it and your head isn't in the right spot, you have to set the entire thing up again. Orientation is the biggest issue with this thing.
  8. This is the thing. It shouldn't be this hard. Oculus you simply hold a button for 3 seconds and "zip" your reoritened to the direction you're looking. Don't like it? Set your view, relax, hold button three seconds "zip" re oriented. This is a feature that is an absolute necessity to VR. It gets very old switching VR play spaces every time you want to do something and having to go through the resetup process.
  9. I mean, I have been sitting here trying to figure out the heck to recenter my view and come to find out, you CANNOT recenter your view. It just blows my mind. That's what you get for buying something from a Chinese company. Take a look at the Oculus Quest or the Oculus Go. You recenter at the tap of a button no if and or buts about it. Tap a button BAM. Centered. Maybe you guys should figure out how a button tap works. Infuriating.
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