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  1. Fascinating benchmarks which proof to let this setting switched to "off". https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3599-windows-10-hardware-accelerated-gpu-scheduling-benchmarks
  2. Take a look at all Internet Explorer iterations... there must be hundreds... no... thousands of versions missing!!! There's no excuse... I need access to those, I just don't care about the latest release....
  3. If you got no problem in loosing your guarantee, you could apply the lense mod to your headset which gives a nice clear view with a larger sweetspot.
  4. I personally prefer weighted controllers as I also prefer the heave Xbox one Elite Controller over everything else. So this is a matter of taste and not a matter of quality. Tracking of course depends on the games you play. The more it's shooter games the less good the tracking feels. I won't call it a complete mess when you play other games..
  5. Why don't you translate by yourself instead demanding each other to do so? You managed to do that for the headline and you also got enough time to create a long ranting post... but not a second to use a translator...
  6. That's exactly what I personally wouldn't like. I got the Cosmos because I don't want to place additional periphery somewhere in our living room. I would have gone for Lighthouse tracking then.
  7. If they don't mention a tracking update they haven't released one. Aren't they allowed to do a minor beta update with other fixes than tracking?
  8. Hoe zou U het vinden als iedereen hier in het Nederlands zou schrijven? Oder doch lieber Deutsch? Talvez você prefira português? Điều tốt nhất là nếu mọi người viết tiếng Anh trên một diễn đàn tiếng Anh!
  9. Das passiert immer mal. Einfach warten und dann geht es weg.
  10. On next release we should all comment in our native language. A nice mix of portuguese, german, italian. And the developers should also answer in their language. Guess who will start ranting then... 😜
  11. But the Elite is a complete different Headset. There's a reason for some people that they got a VR headset with inside-out tracking...
  12. Just use Deepl. Instead of forcing 95% of the people on this board to use a translator why don't you just use it??? And don't come with an argument you fear the translation is worse. The translation will be exact the same as when we translate your french text. Not the first time that I link this AI supported translator. https://www.deepl.com/translator Also some people keep flooding the board with new threads which are all about bashing and whining. Like we all just wouldn't know about your opinion since ages...
  13. I can't understand why you're doing ping-pong with the customer support. You have a guarantee. If it worked and then completely died, send it in as you would do with every other hardware.
  14. I guess you wouldn't play it on your Cosmos then... lol
  15. You could try it out with a vpn... still available in Germany, maybe also in US, they are behind Germany.
  16. Pleasure to share 🙂 I just couldn't resist to try if I can buy another year for that price. Worked like a charme 😉
  17. Heya guys. Haven't seen a post about it here so I post it now. I stumbled upon this great discount available only until April 19th. You get a one year Viveport Infinity subscription for only 27,- Dollar or here in Germany for 30,- Euros. That's about 75% discount. If you're already on an Infinity plan the year just adds. I'm now good until October 2022 due to my free year plus the Black-Friday Deal last year. In my opinion it's a real no brainer for this price. https://uploadvr.com/viveport-infinity-play-at-home-sale/ https://www.viveport.com/infinity
  18. This pretty much exactly describes my problem in general when it comes to daylight with su impact to the room.
  19. @Tonton please use the Deepl translator to tranlsate your comments to english before posting. Deepl uses AI and does a much better job compared to Google. https://www.deepl.com/translator Here's the result of translating your comment to english: "Hello everyone, I tested the update. I have tested the pavlov vr game to hold the rifle with both hands I noticed that when you aim the rifle, you can't hear correctly inside the rifle sight. and when I put the rifle down with my right hand it doesn't come back to it's quick it's 1 or 2 seconds before it goes down. it is wrong to put the moves a little forward so that the hand comes back correctly but after the sight and a little too far to aim. but it's better than before------ 😁-----with a gun is 100% correct. It's a little playable, but not yet. 85%."
  20. Please have a look at the 2nd comment on this thread, maybe that helps in your case too.
  21. Use Deepl instead. It uses AI https://www.deepl.com/translator It gives you this result: "Hello @tonton I bounce on @TomCgcmfc's post, because somewhere he's a bit right, I understand your frustration, I also somehow think that for the price it's a bit bitchy, and in addition to mine, I already have a few dead pixels, but I don't make a disease out of it. I haven't said anything so far, but frankly, it's a bit of a stretch, your appreciations are perhaps (surely) justified but we all understood that you were disappointed, as you can hear.... Sorry for our English speaking friends, but I do not have the courage to translate ........."
  22. Crazybird meant this as a workaround to trigger the Steam screenshot. The problem is that Vive console uses the same trigger as Steam. But if I remember it right it was not double press Vive key and the the trigger. I guess it was press the Vive key and directly after that (while still pressing the Vive key) do a quick double trigger press and then release Vive key. It need a bit of practice but you then should get the taken Steam screenshot notice. To get this working the game has to be displayed on your monitor while playing. @stvnxu @VibrantNebula @C.T. On the other side it would be great if developers add an option to select which screenshot will be taken by console software, left eye, right, eye or both... The same logic which is used to mirror display inside Vive console (it offers exactly these selections).
  23. Oh no! You linked the AAA ones with 750 mAh! The controllers need AA ones and those you can get with 1900 mAh! https://www.amazon.fr/Panasonic-BK-3MCCE-8BE-eneloop-utiliser/dp/B00JZBX8DQ/ref=pd_bxgy_img_2/257-4100740-3591867?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00JZBX8DQ&pd_rd_r=5464769d-1b2b-4996-9d2c-8f0015a19d03&pd_rd_w=bSi5Y&pd_rd_wg=43Pw3&pf_rd_p=da1675de-3974-4ba2-b26f-c06b987f79cb&pf_rd_r=G9WXW3X1PAABFFB58PHN&psc=1&refRID=G9WXW3X1PAABFFB58PHN
  24. If there would be a new public beta there would also be a thread for it. You don't need to opt out as you'll automatically get the update when there's a new public beta. On the other side not every feedback I give you can read here. But the last 20 days I couldn't test anything due to illness. Instead of asking others to test the software for you you also could get yourself under the pool table and grab the headset to test yourself 😉 And stop talking about that damn pool table over and over... my cellar is too small to place one which I regret a lot 😞
  25. Yeah. And exactly for the case that they may differ you should post your experience in the thread belonging to your installed version 😉
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