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  1. @stvnxu I think I can't get into testing before weekend as I got fully working days and too many other tasks.
  2. Heya folks. I just purchased the discounted yearly subscription of Viveport Infinity. And with my free year plan I could add an additional discount of 10%. So I payed 64,69 € for a complete year and I'm good to go until Oct.17th 2021 now 🙂
  3. I got the 1900 mAh ones. I also use them on my XBOX One Controllers and I'm very satisfied. Also because they hold their load over long period.
  4. I'm pretty sure that's a reason which caused that rumor of very poor battery life. The use of the delivered original batteries. I ordered an 8-pack Eneloops after I got my headset. I use them for maybe 8 hours or more (depends on games) and I have a spare of 4 fully loaded ones to swap immediately.
  5. There's already setting in lens to select between Vivid, Normal, and Night mode. Maybe you can also add 2 sliders for brightness and contrast.
  6. You don't need to look at your monitor as the Headset got it's on display.
  7. Oh, that's a short time until you either need to pause or plug the headset back in. Quite pricey for that short comfort. One question: where did you get those other 2 months bonus from?
  8. @Mr George: when you got it working in a way that you can play the game with this binding then open the setting again and publish it to workshop then. With doing so all other players will see your binding and can try it out 😉
  9. @stvnxu: there's not always a community binding available. But in that case it's possible to create one by yourself.
  10. A-Jey

    Grey screen

    That could be like too much data is transferred with controllers on. Maybe your usb 3.0 connection has a bandwidth issue? Are you sure the used port is really USB 3.0? Do you use an USB HUB or do you share that port with other USB peripherals? 1 Port consists of 2 USB slots and shares the bandwidth/power. You could try to unplug all other usb peripherals just for diagnosis. If this works then you can try to change the usb ports for your other peripherals. Do you use the usb port on front side of you chassis? Try using one of the 3.0 slots on your backside.
  11. You could try out the Vivid Mode inside lense menu->settings. Maybe it give you slightly more contrast.
  12. I'm on Beta and don't get this error. Maybe worth a try?
  13. Nice! Does it need anything in addition or do you just mount that thing to your headset and you're good to go?
  14. Hi guys. As it seems there's no friend list on Viveport available yet. I posted on the Viveport community https://forum.viveport.com/topic/6763-friendlist/ This is too bad as I really would like to have some Cosmos Users for Leaderboard comparizon. As long as this is missing we could maybe make this thread a Steam Friends for Leaderboard thread. You can find me here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/a__jey Or enter Friend Code: 88135075 Feel free to comment your Steam profile or friend code here also 🙂
  15. A-Jey

    Grey screen

    @oxygen4004: Could it be kinda memory issue? How much memory do you got in your system and on your graphics card. Did you try to close any unneeded program while doing VR? On what game it happened? Or did it happen in menu? I got this on my second pc (1070ti but an outdated AMD 8120 processor), everytime when trying to click on the viveport inside Steam VR Home menu the picture immediately is floating away... This hasn't happened a single time on my main VR computer (AMD Threadripper 2950X and RTX 2080TI).
  16. A-Jey

    Grey screen

    Please hold yourself a bit back about judging on people. For me it don't seem oxygen4004 does any kind of hate speech or shit storming. He has issues and it should be allowed to post them here and ask for help. What shall he post if it's not running? I am sure once he got everything sorted out he will also have positive stuff to write. Also just saying...
  17. Maybe this can help: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/41687-dirt-rally-20-vr-faq-performance-guide/
  18. Is the Vive console running? You could try starting it manually. Is Steam running? Is Steam VR installed?
  19. You tried the original USB cable which came with the Cosmos? Did you plug in the power adapter and pressed the blue button on the link station? Did the the little green light turn on? Make sure the outgoing cable to the headset is really plugged in and not only sticking loose (I had this once). On the left side of the headset is a small led. Is it lit (red or green)?
  20. Seems like a server side problem at the moment:
  21. @stvnxu Hey Steve, but maybe there's enough ram on the headset to store several room setups maybe? Let's say three. Like mentioned before: I got two rooms to play and in one of them even on daylight or evenings i got to change room-setup as it seems to differ in appearance for the headset.
  22. Small preview on my stuff I send with the issue report... Look the two pictures. One is from my smartphone, the other from headset... In my opinion the main problem is an overexposure on bright conditions by the headset.
  23. A-Jey

    IPD Popup

    The mentioned move over of IPD menu into lense menu should be the easiest way to get this done for both of us. So the menu just jumps in if you click the button for it and then it keeps being displayed until you close it with an x-button. That would also give a lot of more time to finetune and get the exact sweetspot.
  24. I don't know if we can call it 90% already but if so then the last 10% are the most important ones. Because they become pretty much important when it comes to competitive play. On normal gaming I just can overlook some controller jumps, I don't care that much because those are games where I enjoy the graphics and got time for maybe solve a little puzzle or whatever. I think the Rift S also needed time to progress into the state where it's now. So I see it as an ongoing process which can succeed better with more and more Cosmos headsets on the market to collect tracking data for the AI. It's the way it needed to be thinked of when deciding to buy such a new product. I all needs the time. It's like an early access game where you also could say: hey, why just don't make it perfect and then release. On the other side: if you want hassle free, why not just waiting some months and then buy it?
  25. @stvnxu @C.T. I just installed the new beta and did some testing. The problem with having controllers up besides my head and moving them forward down again with getting tracking issues seems to be fixed. The tracking problem due to brighter lights is still there and I did 2 longer videos with different conditions to showcase. I uploaded an issue report right away together with a long description and links to the 2 showcase videos. Hopefully I can help with that. Regards 🙂
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