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  1. Never ever ask for this. Updates come in when they're ready. I appreciate better update quality over update quantity.
  2. A-Jey

    PID setting

    It doesn't appear at minimal adjustment just to avoid it popping up on head movement during play. Just keep adjusting until the window appears and then continue adjusting until you got the right setting for your eyes.
  3. My first test: There's less jitter. Tracking succeeded again a bit. In Beat Saber I was able to beat my score of the posted video in last beta thread because I was able to do full swings. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1926790655 So this is again a step into the right direction. Turning wrists by 180° still isn't working, I haven't tried 90° or the other tests of my video in last beta thread yet. One big point for fixing memory leak, I played with very low settings and very small desktop window on my second pc (as you can see on screenshot above) because the game crashed otherwise. After the update and my small Beat Saber test I changed settings to best and changed desktop window to 720p and it worked great now. Thanks for that. Oh and no low light message under my room conditions (same as on video of last beta thread). Will continue testing and HTC, you will continue to succeed on this.
  4. One of the reasons for me to buy the Cosmos is the Inside-out tracking so they can't argue that I should get the faceplate/sensor mod. I ask for a fully functional inside-out experience, nothing more and nothing less... @Dickytwo you playing on Steam account? Would like to have some Vice Cosmos competitors on my friends list. https://steamcommunity.com/id/a__jey/
  5. @stvnxu @C.T. Ok, as promised I spent some hours on recording stuff and putting it together and hopefully HTC uses this to get things done. @Dickytwo I guess you find yourself pretty much often in the same Beat Saber situations you'll see in this video. All tracking issues in a nutshell: But as I already told earlier: the tracking itself is more precise WHEN you • NOT turn your wrists inside or outside • Don't do movements which turn the controllers out of sight. Here's a proof for that (you can see that I don't do full swings to reach this level error free, also I avoided to turn the wrists in- or outside):
  6. I don't think HTC is in a position at this moment to react that way... on a pre-order customer and alpha tester... really!
  7. @stvnxu So today I got the answer from Jack: "we have got a feedback from the concerned department that Cosmos doesn't work well in bright areas, as you can see in the Videos provided the controllers are trying to track. However, it's too bright and the cameras lose the controller when moving through the bright areas. Kindly make sure that the area should not be too bright more than usual and please check with the room light and check if the issue will be the same or not." --- This answer is an unacceptable joke. In the pictures above you see how a smartphone cam shows the brighter area. It looks normal there. And then you see what the Headset does: extreme overexposure. For me the answer sounds like a cheap excuse from the responsible department, sorry to say that. And also I know that it looses tracking there... I made the video to show the tracking problems and also wrote about the overexposure... I'm really disappointed from that and I'm thinking of NOT spending my precious time to make more videos whe the answer may: "Sorry, but the controller are made to be hold only in this angle to be tracked alright, you must follow this rule when playing Beat Saber".
  8. @stvnxu: I recorded some videos to identify all the culprits. Give me some time to cope this all into one single short video. I'll provide you then with all tracking issues in a nutshell. I guess I get it ready on Friday or Saturday. Then you got your homework to sort all those things out. Hopefully you blast me with the result in the next update.
  9. Same here. You mean the settings in Lens menu 😉
  10. Windows 10, latest update. NVIDIA Driver, latest update Steam VR beta, latest update Cosmos beta Played on my second PC in cellar same lightning as in the last tests. Here are my findings: I played a long session of Beat Saber again. The tracking itself seems more precise. Reason: I played like 15 levels (normal/hard/expert mixed) and on EVERY level I got a new personal best on first try (and I played those level several times before). You get more points the more exact you cut the blocks through the middle and so I guess it's now more precise to follow my hand directions. BUT: I still get those missed notes due to tracking, maybe a bit less but they are there. Controllers sometimes are hopping a bit more than before also. Those easy missing notes are frustrating as it happened several times on very easy ones where I did a quite slow, non hectical swing. I guess I got to make a video to show the problem. Also the tracking for rifle mode is better (I only tested on Steam Home with controllers only), but still way too chunky, wiggling and jumping (less then before but still too much). With this beta you're heading definetily much more into the right direction compared to the last beta.
  11. Damn, whished to have more space in my cellar. But if I would place a pool table in there I would need to get rid of my Pinball Tables, C64, Amiga, Multimedia place and desk... *sigh*
  12. @stvnxu: please don't make this beta a public release version. I've gone back to public and played the same levels from yesterday which much less issues. If you make the as public I won't update and of course not opting into any beta anymore as I would get the then when I opt out again. After testing with I really have to state not loud enough: The is a step back on tracking.
  13. You got me completely wrong here! I know what i can expect on buying a hardware on release. And I won't already have sent in 3 logs just to provide data to help them succeeding with the updates. Of course the tracking is on a good way and they're on the right train which I wrote in another comment. I wrote that they fail IF they don't get the issues under control, i didn't say that it got to be now. But through the next several updates it will show if they can manage to get it to the 100% which has to be the goal. No more no less.
  14. @stvnxu: Trace No: 20191120223403 I just provide you more log data. I played some Beater Saber games on my 2nd computer. This time it was very disappointing that i missed a lot easy notes due to tracking lagging. It feels a bit like slower movements from everything out of sight does make a problem here. This time i turned the light bulb on the right side off. So I got light source very left and right behind me. And that is better lighting than I got in my living room when I tested. I don't like this beta version very much at all.
  15. @stvnxu: with this report I also renew my asking for several room setups to be saved in the headset. Everytime I change the gaming room I got to do the room setup again. And now in wintertimes I will often start in living room on daylight and move to gaming room when it's dark. So this is usually a pain in the A$$... I think this could be managed by having like 3 slots in the headset and the slots are sticked to the computername for example. And if a new computer name is recognized an empty slot will be taken for room setup. For the case all 3 slots are taken by different computers and another one comes into play then it overwrites the slot with the longest time unused...
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