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  1. Is the recorded voice from the Cosmos integrated micro?
  2. Have you tried to set it to an extremely low resolution? Just to test if something changes?
  3. A nearly 4 months old video.... seriously? I can't understand that you didn't saw that video before ordering your headset... There were really just a few online before release and they nearly all got a negative taste. So I thought people are aware of what they're ordering. I mean: if you are not pleased and don't wanna wait or don't trust HTC any longer, then just sell it and get yourself a proven product. And as you wrote: you already think it's finished. In my case I watched all of those videos before I ordered. They all said because of price there's no market for this particular headset. That may be correct for many users. In my case it's the only headset that fits my needs (no roomsensors placement and manual IPD for 72mm). So I'm thankful that HTC gave me at least the opportunity to play VR.
  4. Maybe this thread brings you a bit forward:
  5. Try to change software version: If you're on beta, opt out, if you're not, opt in. With doing that you force the headset to get an update. Hopefully it works again afterwards.
  6. It's surely repetitive. 1st of all: hands behind your back is out of cam and since it's inside out tracking without sensors it can't be tracked. Controllers near face they're working on, but same here: due to cam use it won't reach tracking with sensors. Rifle mode they are working on and we got to wait how far it goes. Hopefully we'll land where the Rift S has already reached with tracking. But keep in mind even the powerful Facebook stuff needed several months to get this done. You can help with doing videos and sending in issue report together with that to help them fixing the tracking.
  7. @davide445 Quite easy to answer: if you opt out of beta you automatically go back to the latest public version which is 😉
  8. One problem I see is that Rift S developers got much more feedback and data to work with. But with only 5 people concerning about an unlucky beta version progress takes much longer time I guess. You could help by doing videos of the things that don't work and send it in, together with an issue report. Your data can help. We're a small community of users who had the balls to get this headset... now have the balls to help getting it better 😉
  9. C'mon guys. Are u all going to shitstorm now or what? This is the first update which a step back and it's a beta, don't forget that. They probably tried something out with that. Beta versions tend to be experimental. If you don't want that just stay on public. It isn't true that there's no progress as the tracking got better which each beta (except this one). You can support the developers by describing what's not working and what exactly happens. Ranting doesn't help to get things done. Right, I'm also not happy with the actual state but except of this update I see progress.
  10. I totally get you and I'd prefer either but it makes no sense to let a musician do the painters work and vice versa.
  11. C'mon, we both know the graphics guys are not the tracking developement guys so the one got nothing to do with the others. You can't seriously demand HTC do do nothing else on the software until tracking works completely.
  12. yeah sure, like I wrote earlier. Maybe you got a heat problem on demanding VR.
  13. Did you try the open case test?
  14. Just played a longer Talos Priciple session and the tracking is actually good on very low light condition. Kudos for that 🙂 @C.T. Just an idea about the cams. I guess the exposure is the same for all of them, right? Maybe it's worth to try an independent exposure for every cam. So if you head a light source with one side and a dark with the other results in different exposures.
  15. So sun has passed and I tried again. I also deleted room info before and did a new setup. Beat Saber can be played again. This was the first day with good light since very long time where I tested earlier on the day. It turns out that my headset very likely will become useless on every sunny day/afternoon during spring and summer. The headset tracks much much better on lower lightning then on very good lightning with uneven sources. Quite disappointing as I didn't expect that after so much improvements.
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