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  1. Crazybird meant this as a workaround to trigger the Steam screenshot. The problem is that Vive console uses the same trigger as Steam. But if I remember it right it was not double press Vive key and the the trigger. I guess it was press the Vive key and directly after that (while still pressing the Vive key) do a quick double trigger press and then release Vive key. It need a bit of practice but you then should get the taken Steam screenshot notice. To get this working the game has to be displayed on your monitor while playing. @stvnxu @VibrantNebula @C.T. On the other side it would be great if developers add an option to select which screenshot will be taken by console software, left eye, right, eye or both... The same logic which is used to mirror display inside Vive console (it offers exactly these selections).
  2. Oh no! You linked the AAA ones with 750 mAh! The controllers need AA ones and those you can get with 1900 mAh! https://www.amazon.fr/Panasonic-BK-3MCCE-8BE-eneloop-utiliser/dp/B00JZBX8DQ/ref=pd_bxgy_img_2/257-4100740-3591867?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00JZBX8DQ&pd_rd_r=5464769d-1b2b-4996-9d2c-8f0015a19d03&pd_rd_w=bSi5Y&pd_rd_wg=43Pw3&pf_rd_p=da1675de-3974-4ba2-b26f-c06b987f79cb&pf_rd_r=G9WXW3X1PAABFFB58PHN&psc=1&refRID=G9WXW3X1PAABFFB58PHN
  3. If there would be a new public beta there would also be a thread for it. You don't need to opt out as you'll automatically get the update when there's a new public beta. On the other side not every feedback I give you can read here. But the last 20 days I couldn't test anything due to illness. Instead of asking others to test the software for you you also could get yourself under the pool table and grab the headset to test yourself 😉 And stop talking about that damn pool table over and over... my cellar is too small to place one which I regret a lot 😞
  4. Yeah. And exactly for the case that they may differ you should post your experience in the thread belonging to your installed version 😉
  5. I guess those people who are still on beta. Until you don't opt out you'll stay on this version and so it's completetly right to post here if you're still on the beta...
  6. A discounted faceplate doesn't help me in any way because I can't place sensors. They definetily need to get the tracking fixed.
  7. And if you install Steam VR beta you now get a wonderful new designed UI which I personally like a lot.
  8. Try to get yourself these ones: Panasonic Eneloop AA (R6) NiMH BK-3MCCE/8BE They are holding the load over months and also last very long in my controllers. I got 8 for the controllers so I always got spare ones fully loaded.
  9. Ah, damn, my fault... I overread that line with the outdated info. Apologies. If I find some spare time at next weekend I eventually try to do a mapping. maybe...
  10. I didn't say he's responsible for anything. But we're in a beta thread and trying a beta software qualifies everyone to give useful feedback. But sure, we can all install the beta and keep sitting and waiting.
  11. @oxygen4004 what is your exact problem? The headset comes with a guarantuee and if it's a hardware issue you got a replacement or a repair at no cost. If you paid something for it then you did definetily something wrong.
  12. @VibrantNebula Game developers shouldn't be allowed to offer multiplayer games on Viveport if you just can't play multiplayer on them. That's tricking buyers! Seriously!
  13. But then combine it together with an issue report to collect the data of the time you recorded the video. This will help the developers to analyze. Of course you gotta do it both with this beta.
  14. Nah, you get me wrong: I can't use a sensor solution. I need inside-out tracking. But I won't use a Rift-S because it's senseless with my IPD of over 72mm So the Cosmos is the ideal solution for me personally. Sure it's not finished and they have quite some work to do. But I've been aware of that before buying.
  15. @VibrantNebula linked the guide in his answer...
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