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  1. @VibrantNebula Thanks much for your help again, as much as I'd like to report that the third party fix worked, unfortunately it doesn't seem to have any effect. First thing I noticed is that it had a 'whitespace' error on startup which only seemed to prevent the audio controls and 'launch at startup', but it's possible it could be affecting the base station blocking in the background. I deleted the lighthousedb and all associated Lighthouse folders, ran room setup with only 4 lighthouses present, then ran this program to lock the new lighthousedb file. I made sure I used the correct universe, then only checked the 4 base stations that were used (no other showed up). After committing changes, I turned on the rest of the lighthouses and the SteamVR window started to become populated with the other lighthouses, and my Vive Pro began to do the usual massive drifting/white flashes/bad tracking issues it had before. Log files showed it switching from lighthouse to lighthouse the same way as before the arcade fix. If you have any other solutions or ideas, I'd be more than grateful. I've emailed both SteamVR and Vive enterprise with no response so far. If I could get in contact with the engineer who worked on this arcade software, maybe I could speak with them as well. We're a small family run business trying to open this VR arcade and currently this is one of the final issues we're facing that's preventing us from opening. Our setup as is does not allow for partitions or walls between stations, so I was banking on the idea that the 16 channels in Lighthouse 2.0s would be able to set up in a way that does not cause any interference. It was only until recently did I realize that SteamVR has had the idea of 'channels' on the backburner with no major support as far as I can tell.
  2. Thank you for your help, I need all I can get. I can confirm that bluetooth power management is disabled for every SteamVR instance. My initial screenshot is a bit misleading, as in reality it will occasionally 'connect' to 1-5 base stations. They will light up on steamVR, but the headset will never come off of 'searching' while urging me to make sure it's visible to the base stations. I am more than happy to only use 4 stations per headset, I had initially planned for it that way when mounting the stations since I was unsure of 4+ base station support at the time. Attached is a layout of my space, as well as the location and channel of my lighthouses. You mention that I should only turn on each base station that will be used per tracked area when setting up room scale. If I were to do this, would steamVR then ignore or block all other stations once they are turned on again? Is there a way to permanently ignore or block all other base stations based on channel, or whitelist specific channels in some sort of config? for instance C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\lighthouse ? I'll be sure to message HTC's enterprise email, though I was unsure if they were more of a sales team and less of a technical support. I have also attached the log files of the headset sitting in the middle of the playspace for a while, if that clears anything up. SteamVR.txt
  3. Hey there, I seem to be having issues with my setup. When plugging 4 base stations into power, my Vive Pro tracks and detects the base stations flawlessly. However, I have 16 base station 2.0's in my area, and when all of them are on, SteamVR does not detect a single base station on any computers Worth noting: -Every station is labeled with their channel number and there are no conflicting channels (all 16 used) -Happens on both SteamVR and SteamVR Beta -User is not admin, but also happens on an admin user -Every base station was individually tested and updated to latest firmware -Every headset and controller was tested and updated to latest firmware -SteamVR/headset/Computer were restarted in-between tests and changes -At any point in time, 6-7 base stations may be visible to the vive, this changes as I move around (odd shaped play space) -All 16 stations show up in 'base station channel management' in steamVR settings. -There are no reflective surfaces -There are 6 other Vive pros in the area -There is no outside light -All Vives are wired -This same issue happens on all 7 computers in the area Thanks for any help or direction you can point me in, I was led to believe that multi-vive setup with 2.0 was solid enough for normal use, but it's completely unusable as far as I can tell. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Attached is what SteamVR looks like after a couple minutes of the headset sitting in the center of the area.
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