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  1. Will there be any updates on this headset to improve tracking and Performance? Or has this headset been canceled to all future updates and fixes? Will it be possible to get my money back even if i had this headset longer then 12 months? Can i get my money back if the headset is not "working proper" and be course its broken?
  2. where is the updates??
  3. This question has been asked a lot. And you will get no answers for this matter more then " we will contact the sales department about this". And then complete silence. My guess after asked 5 months ago that this will never happen.
  4. When i play x plane its ether a battle of World objects ( CpU ) Or Anti aliasing ( 2xSAA ) meaning i have to choose between more buildings on the ground or bad Anti aliasing with blurry jaggy textures. But when i turn on the Motion compensation the game run super smooth But i got graphic glitches in it. (Question ) Is this going to be a future fix ? Is Cosmos X plane 11 compatible ? Will Cosmos or Vive have Motion Cancellation? Will Cosmos get a better Tracking ?
  5. They might be " Abetter deal " for us cosmos users. But i know this wont be happening so i guess there lawyers are working on how to get around it when when they will get sued for fraud, and for selling unfinished product/ broken.
  6. Really feel the same here. I do hope they will offer us a good deal for the parts.
  7. I do understand that it is a hard time at the moment and i do wish to know as soon as possible. There is no way in hell i am going to spend another 1100 on the headset to make it work. That means i payed 2400 dollar for this headset. For that price you can buy almost the best VR headset. For me that sounds really expensive and not worth it.
  8. Question regards the new Face plate that soon going to be for sale. I live in Australia and this new face plate cost will cost me AU$ 349 that is only the plate. Now i guess you need to buy 2x Base Stations that will cost me additional $400 dollar. And then i guess 2x controllers that is additional $400 dollar. That is $1149 Dollar not included the post. Now a cosmos in Australia cost $1300 Now my question is will there be a package that is cheaper then that to existing costumers? Reason why is that the Vive cosmos is not a complete product and its faulty tracking and i spend more money on buying battery's then what the controllers is worth . That is the reason why you done a same headset with a different face plate and equipment. You can not fix this issue due to a failed headset/controllers. I need to know if you as existing costumer need to pay for almost the same price of the headset on products to make it work??
  9. 1. Battery on controllers last 2-3 h 2. Controllers do not track well still no change. Example ( x plane 11 ) looking down to move the throttle on "plane" makes controller just float up or down with out you moving it. ( It can not track small movements or fast movements ) 3. Headset is out of whack after a while ( headset tracking stops and headset controller stuck to screen and in game you keep moving out of position. worst when looking down and then look up then you floating and graphic fly around you like washing mashing.) 4. headset feels like its draining a lot of power from your computer ( maybe its normal)
  10. Patrik

    Unplayable !

    Update on what i experience .. To day i have instead of playing i wasted 4h on getting the tracking to work. What i do experience is that if i move head up i go up on the roof and if i look down i fall down the floor, and the image on the headset is lagging and jumping all around. I can see the controllers but when i move them they wont move ( when i move my head they move ) Basically they wont move at all only when i move head. I have uninstalled everything and installed it again. When i installed it again left controller did not show or ( pair) up for about 15 min of trying to start it. After it some how started. Then it was fine for about 1h then it went back the same. This only happens when i take of my headset put it down for a few seconds. It is like the headset wont track vertical and horizontal and like the protective zone totally flip out. I installed the beta as well and its same. I don't know if this game is the problem or the headset but, it acts the same even in Vive port. when you start the program it runs well but when you take the headset off it don't track to center of the point of what you installed it to.
  11. Patrik

    Unplayable !

    How can you release a product that is not finished? My tracking is that bad that its unplayable... It is jumping around not even tracking... Hope fully this will be fix really soon or i want my money back.. what a joke
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