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  1. yep got the update to day .. Will test it out now Thank you 🙂
  2. Last update is no good in Open Xr msfs2020 Its unplayable.. Graphics glitches bad and lightning..
  3. hi what logs do you want ? kind regards
  4. I don't know what is going on if it is the headset or graphics card or game or other. I got massive lag and micro stutters on Msfs2020. Even with the low settings. The performance is really bad and even sometimes it lags in Vive port. I got 9900k 2080ti m2 drive Any ideas?
  5. vive openxr crash and locks my computer when playing msfs2020.. Possible fix for this ?
  6. This new update has giving me flashing green pixels from on and off. Do not know if headset is broken or its the patch please help..
  7. is there a way to reduce the gamma / brightness ??
  8. Overall it runs way better then the steam one. Issues : 1. Can not reset VR camera. 2. Sometimes it get blurry in the headset. Otherwise good
  9. VibrantNebula : I did i am Nr4ge1983 😛 ... Dario : i do still have crashes when i enter vr in msfs2020 do not know if its the game or openxr. Testing different ways
  10. Something is strange. Before patch everything was fine but now i get crashes and computer freezes. And to reset vr camera inside cockpit stop working for me "space" and my own selected key don't work..
  11. Works fine but i have graphic glitches and i cant reset vr mode in msfs2020.. that is possible to msfs2020.... BUT it do crash my computer and i have to restart it when playing msfs2020.. not stable
  12. I must say i am little disappointed regards this update. It took 3 months to get one update and its nothing in the release notes that even improve original Cosmos . Tracking is still bad. performance is horrible something is not "right" I have no clue what it can be. My controllers are lagging in normal Vive port and i do still i float away sometimes. I do understand this is a beta and there is bugs but if VIVE really want to have a better product i think people would be happy to work with you and beta test properly, and not be ignored ! For me the " Motion compens
  13. 3 months and no new update. will there come one new soon ?
  14. Hi Dario.. I have fixed this problem. I am a closed Vr beta tester for ms2020 and it works fine... The issue was : when i run the openxr with the vive cosmos beta it was working really really good. Then a update came and it stop working. So i had to go beck to standard update to make it work. It was like Msfs2020 conflicted with the vive cosmos openxr. I will try more out if you want log files please explain where to get it and i can send it .. Kind regards Patrik
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