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  1. Fixed it. It was a lose power cable to graphics card. And change of port fixed my issue..
  2. I'm getting blue screen when starting Vive Console. Headset wont even start. Need help anyone please ...
  3. It was motion compensation, But did not work. And when i started it steam crash and blocked add-on. That was when vive dashbord gave me high Cpu usage https://ovrmc.dschadu.de/en/faq
  4. Will Vive implement motion projection in OPENXR ??
  5. fixed it was due to a bad add-on steam..
  6. Hi there .. Im getting 61.3% - 63.5% Cpu usage from Vivedashbord on my 9900k.. Is that normal or something is up? its eating my cpu.. Please help
  7. yep got the update to day .. Will test it out now Thank you 🙂
  8. Last update is no good in Open Xr msfs2020 Its unplayable.. Graphics glitches bad and lightning..
  9. hi what logs do you want ? kind regards
  10. I don't know what is going on if it is the headset or graphics card or game or other. I got massive lag and micro stutters on Msfs2020. Even with the low settings. The performance is really bad and even sometimes it lags in Vive port. I got 9900k 2080ti m2 drive Any ideas?
  11. vive openxr crash and locks my computer when playing msfs2020.. Possible fix for this ?
  12. This new update has giving me flashing green pixels from on and off. Do not know if headset is broken or its the patch please help..
  13. is there a way to reduce the gamma / brightness ??
  14. Overall it runs way better then the steam one. Issues : 1. Can not reset VR camera. 2. Sometimes it get blurry in the headset. Otherwise good
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