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  1. Overall it runs way better then the steam one. Issues : 1. Can not reset VR camera. 2. Sometimes it get blurry in the headset. Otherwise good
  2. VibrantNebula : I did i am Nr4ge1983 😛 ... Dario : i do still have crashes when i enter vr in msfs2020 do not know if its the game or openxr. Testing different ways
  3. Something is strange. Before patch everything was fine but now i get crashes and computer freezes. And to reset vr camera inside cockpit stop working for me "space" and my own selected key don't work..
  4. Works fine but i have graphic glitches and i cant reset vr mode in msfs2020.. that is possible to msfs2020.... BUT it do crash my computer and i have to restart it when playing msfs2020.. not stable
  5. I must say i am little disappointed regards this update. It took 3 months to get one update and its nothing in the release notes that even improve original Cosmos . Tracking is still bad. performance is horrible something is not "right" I have no clue what it can be. My controllers are lagging in normal Vive port and i do still i float away sometimes. I do understand this is a beta and there is bugs but if VIVE really want to have a better product i think people would be happy to work with you and beta test properly, and not be ignored ! For me the " Motion compensation " makes weird graphic bugs in games and worsen the quality overall. It is smooth but i see square graphic popping up Is it steam vr that kills the performance ? My current spec is: 9900k 5ghz 32 ddr4 ram m2 drive 2080ti boosted up... This should work fine for this headset? Or do i need a NASA computer from another planet?
  6. 3 months and no new update. will there come one new soon ?
  7. Hi Dario.. I have fixed this problem. I am a closed Vr beta tester for ms2020 and it works fine... The issue was : when i run the openxr with the vive cosmos beta it was working really really good. Then a update came and it stop working. So i had to go beck to standard update to make it work. It was like Msfs2020 conflicted with the vive cosmos openxr. I will try more out if you want log files please explain where to get it and i can send it .. Kind regards Patrik
  8. Updated to day and now Openxr dont work on Microsoft flight simulator 2020 vr. why i dont know.. please help
  9. Did you lower the resolution in the steam vr settings?
  10. OPENXRBETADEV00 did not work as code for me..
  11. Tracking is better.. But i can still note that the cameras don't track proper. Example When i play X plane 11 headset float away sometimes and it struggle to find its center position. This means when i play and are in the cockpit the cameras cant detect where my center position is so the headset are floating left and right and it keeps moving to find my center position but wont find it until i restart the Vive console. Then it keeps doing it but less during flight. Sometimes i lose tracking of the controller meaning the controller floats away from me and comes back after 5 sec. Headset still struggle with small movements as well. Over all i can see a big change keep up the good work. Cheers
  12. Will there be any updates on this headset to improve tracking and Performance? Or has this headset been canceled to all future updates and fixes? Will it be possible to get my money back even if i had this headset longer then 12 months? Can i get my money back if the headset is not "working proper" and be course its broken?
  13. This question has been asked a lot. And you will get no answers for this matter more then " we will contact the sales department about this". And then complete silence. My guess after asked 5 months ago that this will never happen.
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