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  1. I will go as brute and ignorant as i am... (hope someone cleaner and expert can throw a stone at my face)

    Ignore this if you feel im wrong, i am probably wrong.


    I think the "normal" way to check this is doing a re-pair in SteamVR menu -> Devices -> Pair Controller. But i think you had tried this already.

    Check your PC too: PC settings -> PC and Devices -> Bluetooth . There check that HTC BS and HTC BS XXXXX and make sure both are paired.

    Other way i would go is resetting the controller via holding buttons and pluggin into the PC. Or try a different USB plug.

    And if not... try to have all the controllers and drivers up to date.

    I dont have any more ideas. So i would say here "Yep, its a hardware problem" :)


  2. Ok, so i think i got to understand a little why it was happening:

    Unity script folders compiles at different times so, i think my problem was this.

    As they don´t compile at the same time, the scripts from one folder didnt recognize the ones from the other. And viceversa.

    So the solution was to move my own script folder into the steamVr scripts folder, so that way i couldnt work without any new trouble.

  3. Good morning people,

    I´m having some troubles when developing with SteamVR and HTC Vive Pro. Im using Unity as my engine to make a VR simulator.

    The thing is that i´ve been working on the same project for some time, and i hadn´t got any problems until now. I had added some variables inside the SteamVR "hand" script so i would be able to interact with some items on my scene. And now, i cant understand why, im unable to access my own scripts from there. So, if i try to add a new `public MyOwnScript ScriptName´ it says that it doesnt exist. It happens with all my own scripts, not with one. Its not a problem of namespaces, or usings, neither a problem on the name spelling. They are public, monobehaviour. I tried to reset the libraries, and also the csproj. I tried to delete meta files and cache folders. I tried even to reimport steamVr.

    I dont know if its a matter of folders, cause if i try to add the same scripts into my own scripts there arent any problem. Or if i try to add the steamVR scripts inside the hand script, it hasnt got any problem. But i cant do it between them.

    Is it normal? Is it just me?

    I hope i was able to explain my errors correctly. And i hope that you can help me. Thanks in advance.

  4. Did you try to change fbx units? I mean, if the item you are working with is extremely huge, you probably have a scale factor issue. -> https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-FBXImporter.html

    Go to the fbx and in the model import, check the import units. if it´s 1, try to write down a 100. Or try a number so you can change the scale to a normal one. Then, if you need to change local scale to 1.5 because you have to make minor changes, then you should be able to work in unity as usual

    Hope this helps. But to be honest i dont really understand what you are trying to achieve :S

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  5. If you change to another scene, then go back to that scene, the layers will be created and working. Its all about a pop window that doesnt close.

    Anyway, i think the best Unity is always the last ltd, unless you want a new one because any feature. But ltd versions are the more stable. That´s my opinion, ofc theres no better version to use.

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  6. Good morning.

    I finally made Handtracking SDK work. I was quite happy with it.

    I added the SRWorks SDK too in the see-though mode, and... awsome! the hand tracking even got better results.

    But even with that, the rendered hands are always shaking a lot. What are the possible causes of this shaking? Is anything i can do to improve its behaviour? Im trying to do precise works as clicking 3D spatial buttons and its a little difficult with the hand shaking all the time.

    Anyway, is an awsome work. Thanks for these SDKs.

  7. Do what LordVetinari said,


    Vector3 relativeAngle = new Vector3(0f, 0f, 0f);
    Vector3 absoluteAngle = new Vector3(0f, 0f, 0f);

    (Be aware that this var are on the bottom part, the ones called in the top part have the first letter cap)

    Then search for registry in the code and comment all the lanes that contains it.


    That should solve it, at least i made it work.

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  8. @zzy

    Hi Zzy.

    I have some questions about all of this thread.

    1.- Is SRWorks the only way to create a Mixed Reality in which you can place your virtual hands or any other virtual object with your real background?

    2.- I was confused because i can see the controllers when i activate the front camera in the vive pro with the double click on the controller button (not the SRWorks see-through mode). So i thought, if controllers can be shown why cant i place any other virtual button? Is it, maybe, because controller own tracking?

    3.- The main question is, how can i achieve this with HTC? -> Photo


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