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  1. I would suggest to use the SRWorks SDK see through mode just to check if it gets any better. I found it very different using or not using it.
  2. Good morning. I finally made Handtracking SDK work. I was quite happy with it. I added the SRWorks SDK too in the see-though mode, and... awsome! the hand tracking even got better results. But even with that, the rendered hands are always shaking a lot. What are the possible causes of this shaking? Is anything i can do to improve its behaviour? Im trying to do precise works as clicking 3D spatial buttons and its a little difficult with the hand shaking all the time. Anyway, is an awsome work. Thanks for these SDKs.
  3. Not neccessary, thanks Tony
  4. @Tony PH Lin Whats the thing with the beta SDK? I mean, i also have problems with my GPU. I can put the see through mode and also the visual effects. Even portal work. But if i check the depth mark, then it crashes. Do you think that the beta sdk would help?
  5. Do what LordVetinari said, Change Vector3 relativeAngle = new Vector3(0f, 0f, 0f); Vector3 absoluteAngle = new Vector3(0f, 0f, 0f); (Be aware that this var are on the bottom part, the ones called in the top part have the first letter cap) Then search for registry in the code and comment all the lanes that contains it. ----- That should solve it, at least i made it work.
  6. Np you're welcome 🙂
  7. If i understood your question, yes. Select the folder you want to pack, then use Assets - > Export Package. And after that you would be able to import it again in other project. Be sure you also use bindings.
  8. @zzy Hi Zzy. I have some questions about all of this thread. 1.- Is SRWorks the only way to create a Mixed Reality in which you can place your virtual hands or any other virtual object with your real background? 2.- I was confused because i can see the controllers when i activate the front camera in the vive pro with the double click on the controller button (not the SRWorks see-through mode). So i thought, if controllers can be shown why cant i place any other virtual button? Is it, maybe, because controller own tracking? 3.- The main question is, how can i achieve this with HTC? -> Photo
  9. Hi zzy Just for your interest, I'm begining to think is a problem of the Pc itself. But i don't know what could be the difference between both Pcs, so only one of them can build.
  10. Hi, you should try to ask in the specific developers forum: https://forum.vive.com/forum/73-vive-hand-tracking-sdk/ You should also look for the steamVr camera setup to check if its working (https://developer.viveport.com/documents/sdk/en/misc/steamvr.html) and if you are using 2019.3.0, i know its having some problems.
  11. Are you using a headset? Had you tried to parent the camera inside another gameobject ?
  12. Hi @zzy! I´ve tried the 2018.4 LTS version to make the build and it works. I have also tried to import the package in 2019.3, make some changes, then re-do a pack to export to 2018.4 and create a new build, and it also works. So the thing is not to do the build with 2019.3 as it doesnt work. Hope this clarify something... if you need anything else from me, please make me know. Thanks for your help
  13. It works there. When i said i had test the prebuilt, it was on the test Pc and it works. Is there where i have the headset plugged in. Excuse me if i didnt explain myself correctly.
  14. I must say i do builds in a computer and then test the builds in another one. So i dont click play, i build the project in one pc, then use the .exe on the other pc. But, i did use an asset that make a report while using the build, so i can see unity errors. 1.- Im using 2019.3.0a7 2.- It says: Start gesture detection failed: Camera 3.- Camera is moving normally as i move headset. No problem with that.
  15. Hi! Im quite confused. Im trying to set up a scene to build in Unity and im unable to do it. I´ve tried the pre-built samples of the last version of the sdk, and im able to run it. The camera works and im able to recognize my hands. But when im trying to set up the sample scene inside the SDK, no matter is "Sample" or "HandModel", im not able to make it work. Im using HTC Vive Pro and i have the camera set up correctly and XR Settings as OpenVR. What am i doing wrong? Thanks in advance Juan
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