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  1. basically, if i use the vray material imported from vrscene directly, the materials will not show in the vive focus build. but if i modify the parent VrayMtl file of the materials, and apply directly on the mesh, it will show in the build. @Cotta @Tony PH Lin
  2. I figured out a walk around. All the vray materials from the .vrscene file are imported as vray material instance, im not sure why these are not shown in the vive focus plus build, but once I replaced the materials with a VrayMtl file, it works. Please advice if I'm missing some settings or it's a bug.
  3. hi, I have vray material imported from a .vrscene file. it looks normal in the editor on the mesh, and it showing in the VR preview. but when i launch the project on my vive focus plus, no material no longer show and all i can see is the mesh with black and gray checkboard. Am I missing any settings? steps? or it's a bug? im using UE4 4.22.3 Thank you @Cotta @JustinVive @Tony PH Lin
  4. Hi, I imported a .vrscene from 3Dmax to UE4, everything looks fine in VR preview. but after I build and run the project on Vive focus plus, all the lighting and materials are missing, all i see is a black mesh. any idea how to fix this? Thank you @Tony PH Lin
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