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  1. I think if they could fix the tracking they would have already. Let's face it, they aren't interested now. The OG Cosmos has been a PR disaster for them and lost them a lot of customers, especially pre-order customers. I certainly won't be pre-ordering this new one they have in the pipeline no matter what they say it can do.
  2. Pretty sure HTC have given this headset up as a dead duck now. All the updates were just to string people along until their headset was beyond the return period. Agree that they should be sued over this for people who still have it and have given up on the updates (which I think is most people now). Given the advertising they did on release it would be an easy win for the consumer. Luckily I managed to get a full refund a while back and (guess what) I bought an Index. Even with the cable, an overhead pulley system did the trick for me. I read something that Valve have patented a wireless VR peripheral and if true, I think it would be a final nail for HTC in this industry. Pretty sure Wireless is why most people would even consider their first Cosmos now. Personally, I would never buy from them again over this debacle.
  3. Yes, agreed, the Reverb G2 is not released yet. But the previews are not being set in the same circumstances as the Cosmos and it's looking good thus far. If I remember the Cosmos previewers had to go to HTC specified locations with set lighting and playing set games. It was released and all hell broke loose because of the real world environment wasn't anything like their preview environment. HTC knew it was a mess at that time, it was obvious. And also agreed that the Cosmos would be a perfectly good headset without the tracking issue(s.). But my biggest problem is that the tracking is so sensitive to your environmental conditions - you can be fine 95% of the time but another person can barely getting it working because their environment is different. HTC then patch it and it becomes better for one person but worse for another (just look at the range of comments on here). It's a lose lose situation for them. Not picking a fight on this one and I do take your point about the wireless, I just think this headset was a con from the start for so many buyers - there was nothing initially to say you had to have any kind of environment to use the thing satisfactorily. They then conned the previewers and (to crown this achievement) the general public. And it gave pre-orders a bad name. P.S. If the Reverb G2 does turn out to be a fail, I'll come on here and eat humble pie.
  4. 10 months in and tracking still not sorted. Virus or no virus this is bad considering the premium price put on it. Plus compounded that in a couple of months the original Cosmos will be superseded by the HP Reverb G2 which by current previews will cost less, have a better display and actually does what it says on the tin. RIP HTC Cosmos.
  5. Welcome to the club. I sold mine a while back but have kept track on this forum in the hope that the situation vastly improved. Sadly it hasn't and every update now seems like a 'suck it and see' update with no real testing internally. I got the Index with ceiling hooks which replaced what should have been a kick ass Cosmos purchase with Wireless (or so they said last October). The Index is definitely an improvement on the overall Cosmos experience even with the wire floating up above so no regrets at all. And worse, HTC have lost me as a future customer as well as so many others who were also conned last year with their VR solution which basically didn't work and still doesn't. No olive branch for those 'victims' and pretty sure they are now hoping people will just give up on it so they don't need to release pointless updates any more.
  6. Having pre-ordered it and sent it back after giving HTC a couple of months to sort out the problems (to which they failed), I always said I would look again later on and see if it was worth re-buying. What are people's opinions? From what I can see on here, there are still issues with occlusion and tracking. Plus having the correct lighting. Has anything really changed?
  7. With the fact that they have announced that the new inside out tracking variant (albeit with 2 fewer cameras) is for lightweight VR useage (Angry Birds), I wouldn't expect any groundbreaking tracking updates for the original Cosmos now. Neither will I be pre-ordering any of these new headsets. Not falling for that one again! Reviews will dictate things for me when they are released
  8. @TomCgcmfc I'm in a slightly different boat to you in which I sent my Cosmos back and got a refund. BUT, I only did so as an insurance policy and fully intended to re-buy it IF the issues were sorted out. I've been monitoring this forum each week and now, like you, I don't think they can fix this thing without going Outside-In. If this is the case, how much trust will HTC lose? I see a lot of 'sugar coated' comments on here from HTC, but now I honestly think they've built a dud. How much longer can they string along the people who trusted them to deliver a functional product without spending a shed load more cash? This will go down as the biggest and most expensive VR failure to date if it's not sorted soon. And it may be too late even then to salvage any degree of respect from consumers.
  9. Just seen this pre-release video on Half Life Alyx. They give a quick review of each headset, unfortunately the Cosmos thoughts aren't very flattering. Skip to 24:40. Nothing new we didn't already know about in it's current limitations but really means that HTC need to get these issues sorted to attract they VR newcomers who are inspired by Half Life Alyx (of which there will be many!).
  10. Or, like No Man's Sky, goes beyond what was originally promised. Now that would be nice.and restore a bit of faith in HTC!
  11. Reassurances have been few lately and I am pretty sure they are now riding out the waves until the basestation tracking module comes along. You can tell this was the case the first time they said 'inside out tracking will never be as good as base station tracking'. So where was this mentioned in the pre-sales literature for people upgrading from the OG Vive? Even a small writing starred comment at the bottom would have been nice. My chances of this getting decent inside out tracking are now personally estimated at 1%. That will probably be if they get an engineer who has experience with this stuff and knows how to use RGB cameras in this respect At the moment, the Cosmos seems like a weekend project they are doing.
  12. I've noticed on Amazon the Cosmos is now selling for £599. And I've seen reports some online stores in Europe are discounting by up to 42%. Feel so mugged off with pre-ordering this. And still no acceptable tracking update. HTC, I don't accept the 'all VR headsets have problems on launch' excuse now. We are now nearly 4 months in and it's not looking good based on stores beginning to offload stock because you can't get your proverbial together. Sort this mess out.
  13. Completely agree with this, tracking seems to be largely better but the number one fail currently is when controllers are next to the headset.
  14. @stvnxu And please can I re-iterate that the mesh still appears if you have transparency turned all the way down and have configured playing boundaries. 0 transparency should mean invisible. That way you can have room boundaries and then just turn it down if you want to play sitting. @C.T.
  15. Phew! Had me worried there.....
  16. Can you use 2 X 1.0 base stations?
  17. @A-Jey Great videos, I haven't done as much in depth testing as that but I can see what you mean. Lighting doesn't look too bad and you have shelves etc. The one that plays up for me every time is Gangnam Style in Expert mode. You have to reverse the sabers for downward swipes and quickly jump left to right and vice versa to do the same. The Cosmos just cant cope and sabers stay where they were for a bit. Fail follows quickly.... If they could sort that stuff out plus decent tracking when the controllers are next to the headset, I would consider the critical stuff sorted. But given the time HTC has had, I'm not sure this will happen now. Which means that either you spend more to get base stations / faceplate or you realise you may have wasted £700 or equivalent on a dud. Either way, sad times..... Plus, with more impatience now apparent by the Cosmos posters on here, I am not seeing as many responses by HTC as before. Silence speaks volumes....
  18. Just ran room setup again (this time I set boundaries whereas before I didn't), still no real issues apart from what I mentioned previously. It's the best I have had the tracking so far to be honest. But the headset is still a fail for me if controller tracking when adjacent to the headset is non existent.
  19. I spent some time today trying this update both in low daylight (reasonably dim as was raining all day) plus with bulb light with the blinds down ,and I have to say it was pretty good. I tried both Beat Saber and Fallout VR (Fallout VR with controller fix which works very well with Cosmos controllers) and I didn't find many issues. The only tracking issues was when the controller was down at waist level and out to the sides (both intermittent) and always when close to the headset. They then stopped tracking for a period of time until picked up again. Kneeling down to the floor was flawless in tracking which has been a big issue previously. The biggest issue still for me is when the controllers are next to the headset, it just can't see them. This beta has done virtually nothing for that. From my experience today, if that was fixed then we would be nearly there with tracking for an inside out headset. But it is a big issue, so please put this at the top of your list HTC. From other people's comments that this beta is worse, I haven't seen that, but I can understand it as this headset needs to have so many environmental conditions in place. Just stating my experience today.
  20. @Phr00t thanks, will try this later, it's really come to an all time low if this works better than the official beta updates. WIll let you know.....
  21. Have to agree with it. I have a feeling HTC are now trying to improve a dud with hardware that doesn't suit what they are trying to do with the headset. And then as soon as the external tracking mod comes out, they'll just say 'yeah you need that if you want decent tracking'. That's $200 please.
  22. I have also done an extended session on Beat Saber with bulb light at night time and completely agree with A-Jey . It was actually pretty good, but I kept missing the odd easy note. Controls seemed more responsive though. However I also did a Box VR and kept missing balls that I actually hit when doing right upper cuts from the waist and even straight ones on the right. Left upper cuts seemed to register ok. As per my previous comment, tracking near the headset still not good. It's easy to see, just put them right in front of the headset and watch them not track! It really does limit what this headset can play in terms of games and other stuff which relies on this.
  23. Just tried it briefly on this update by waving controllers in front of face. Very slight improvement but still no where near usable in games like In Death. Surely HTC engineers can do the same and realise it's not working properly! I'm coming to the conclusion now that the HTC engineers have made a product that doesn't do what they thought it would and are now trying to 'optimise' a bad product. There's a phrase with the words 'polish' and turd' in it which I'm beginning to believe applies here. But it's we, the loyal HTC buyers who have to suffer the consequences.
  24. Many thanks for confirming, I can actually confirm they have the battery in their display pics now. Not sure if you had anything to do with that 🙂 Now, if you could only sort that tracking....
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