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  1. No difference in tracking as far as I can see from Two sessions on both firmwares in Box VR yielded the same results so will leave f/w at Mostly ok in tracking but every now and then, boxing gloves go everywhere and through the spheres. BUT, still lots to do. Near field tracking non existent. Plus the tracking hasn't a clue with a plain carpet on the floor (at least using bulb light, will try in natural light at the weekend). Any games using height tracking suffer greatly because of this.
  2. After an extended leave of absence (after returning my Cosmos which was refused by HTC on a technicality, your customer support still stinks on returns and repairs HTC), I have tried the latest update whilst I speak to my credit card company. I have to say this f/w is a big step in the right direction. Remaining immediate basic problems are:- Tracking whilst controllers are close to the headset still sucks. This is a basic requirement and needs confirmation if this is actually possible by HTC as it is now 1.5 months since release. If not, then the product is not fit for purpose. Bow and arrow plus gun games aren't able to be played. Light conditions still aren't perfect. Putting controllers on the floor in a normally bulb lit room results in them following you back up and then snapping back to the floor. However performance in this lighting condition has improved. Button to re-centre display still not present, again a basic function. Still waiting on that olive branch for your alpha/beta testers (oops I meant pre-orders). If you could get this stuff right, I would even consider keeping my Cosmos. But saying your 'improving' it from month to month isn't enough, I want to hear that you will do these things (and more importantly) that you are able to do these things.
  3. Omg, I haven't redeemed mine yet as I wanted all the issues to clear first. HTC, what are you going to do about this? You should be thanking people who preorder rather than shooting them in the foot with this stuff. I assume then I currently will only get 6 months? And when will that expire to even less? Really poor. What if someone ordered this as a Xmas present?
  4. I tried this game before I eventually returned the Cosmos, couldn't see a way to move and it was pretty much insta-death. You will probably need to try Steam VR bindings as mentioned in other posts. But let's face it, so many games have Cosmos control issues and you shouldn't have to be doing this on the whole. And even then, bindings may not work either.
  5. On the contrary, posting more rants might even get this thing fixed if it sends the right signals to HTC. I've also just sent mine back after the apparent lack of progress with the 1.07 firmware. It made me wonder whether the tracking can't be easily fixed and can it be ever totally fixed (I see there is a minor firmware release on top of this now). I commend you for sticking with it, I do hope they iron out the issues. But the fact they released this as a total mess, plus my return window was about to expire, I had no choice. Like most, I really had high hopes for this headset and would have defended it as far as possible if it was a few quirks, but the fact is that it's been widely panned across the internet and it shouldn't have been released in this state.
  6. I think it has now come to the stage when pre-order guys have to make a choice whether to keep this 'not fit for purpose as sold' headset. For those that do, I would expect some sort of olive branch made by HTC for their faith. Whether that is a discount on the base station tracking module or something else, some gesture needs to be made. Beyond all the crap, this product is a huge rip off as is. Even if HTC fix the tracking issues, how are you going to placate the people who pre-ordered this expecting so much more, even just something that worked out of the box?
  7. Still no improvement as far as I can see in bow and arrow games (i.e. when controllers are right next to the headset, they still lose tracking).
  8. 15 minute test which I will comment further on when I have had more time with this update. Tracking is still not good. If I put the controllers on the floor, and then bend back upwards, the controllers follow me for a second and then switch back to the floor (the fact that they do switch back to the floor is an improvement). Tracking also still heavily reliant on features on walls and floors, if you have a bare room, you have no chance. Again, this was never advertised as a requirement on launch of this product so needs sorting. This testing was is in a night time room with medium light from a bulb. Don't like the way it automatically goes to Origin, this should be an option as it quickly becomes tiresome. Where is the re-centre button? This was widely advertised as needed but seems to have been ignored.
  9. That's all well and good, but for those who have pre-ordered, the end of the month will be too late to return the headset as it takes 4 days minimum to return the headset to Romania (at least from anywhere in the EU, and that includes support saying we have 30 days instead of 14 days to return it). So you are asking us to sacrifice our RMA period in the hope your new update MAY sort everything out. I really wish you had tested this thing before you released it. How much damage has this headset done to your reputation?
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