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  1. 959/5000 Hello, * Please excuse me for my bad English, I use Google translation. I recently became the proud owner of a VIVE Pro Eye and I have some questions about the cables that connect the headset housing to the pc. Wanting to put the case on a shelf farther from the pc to be able to have the case closer to my play area, I bought a Cable diplay port to mini display port in version 1.2 of 7 meters and USB cable 3.0 USB A to USB A of 5 meters. The problem is that when I connect the 7m DP cable the headset is just not detected .. Then the other problem is that when I plug in the 5m usb cable the headset camera no longer works. So my questions are: - Is there a limit in terms of cables length that the helmet can withstand? - Is there a way to solve the problem or it is not possible? - the purchase of a USB and DP booster would be a solution?
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