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  1. You must miss the bubble menu where RECENTER/RESET VIEW function is in. Little dorky lol
  2. @llealloo I've tried Cosmos Elite mounted on Wireless kit today and never had this case like yours. Sharing your ingame and real-time videos here might help others and Vive support team clarify your issue.
  3. It works for me. My issue is related to yours probably, you can take this article as reference.
  4. hey man, find the advanced setting on Vive Console and join the beta program
  5. I found a tricky way to redo room setup... Launch Steam -> Find bottom-left corner and click "Add a game" -> Choose "add a non-steam game" -> Browse your local file -> Enter C:\Program Files (x86)\VIVE\Updater\App\RoomSetup -> Select "Viveroomsetup" app and add selected program -> Launch Cosmos room setup via SteamVR dashboard Not that intuitive but fine for switching room scale/seated mode...
  6. I totally agree with these functions...
  7. I noticed that double clicking system key and pressing trigger can still capture Steam screenshots lol.
  8. If you don't like new Vive ecosystem, you can disable " Use VIVE Origin as your default VR home" button on Vive console and press system button twice on left controller to summon SteamVR dashboard. Maybe you can try? HTC actually leave some space for users to choose which ecosystem they prefer. At least I prefer new Vive ecosystem so far imho lol. As for Vive Console, I thought it have to work with SteamVR together......or is there any way to close Vive console?
  9. I had same problem before, but I found the button is "View details" not "Launch" later. Btw, I thought lens is different from SteamVR. Maybe u can press Vive button on your CRs and see if it's what u are looking for lol.
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