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  1. Do you have another DP port to try? If else, just trying updating the GPU driver to see if it can work.
  2. Well...I thought that usb c port can't be activated when using wireless adapter...
  3. Imho, there should not be any performance difference between Vive Console and Vive Wireless software while activating Wireless Cosmos Elite. Another information for you is motion smoothing not supported Cosmos series currently.
  4. I would suggest you attach SteamVR system report or contact customer service. Btw, which Display port did you plug in?
  5. It sounds abnormal... I would suggest you contact customer service and send a ticket.
  6. There are few Cosmos controller binding shared from community. I chose one of them and it worked though scrolling action was not smooth via joystick.
  7. I suggest you contact customer support and send a ticket. It should help.
  8. I would suggest you to try motion compensation in Vive Console to see if performance drops improve.
  9. I would suggest you turn on the motion compensation in Beta Vive Console since Cosmos is inside out tracking not based on SteamVR tracking system.
  10. The symptom sounds like abnormal. I highly suggest to contact customer support. They should help you analyze these problems.
  11. I would suggest you contact customer support.
  12. @TindelltechI would suggest you contact customer support. @cusa123The side button of HMD is enabling passthrough instead of restarting HDMI.
  13. I would suggest you switching to SteamVR 1.15.10 imho. They fix the color problems recently.
  14. Could you describe more where is the blue screen? Is it on HMD or on PC?
  15. I would recommend you follow the minimum spec from here before buying eGPU.
  16. Recommend you to contact customer center if you are in urgent.
  17. I have same symptom before like this and found that my cover not attached well.
  18. If you don't mind, could you capture the screenshots from the mirror mode?
  19. Have you tried adjusting IPD? It's a knob under the headset.
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