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  1. Hello, all. I'm pretty new to the Vive (late adopter) and this is my first post on this forum. I see articles from January of this year claiming that Firefox Reality will be available for the vive this year. I see that the standalone vive headsets can use it, but not the regular vive that is tethered to a computer. Are they still going to adapt it to work with either viveport or steamvr for the standard vive headset? Although we can use apps like virtual desktop and supermedium, it would be a whole lot more convenient to have a browser that can handle both 2d and webvr/webxr content, just like FF Reality will do on mobile headsets. Do any of you have any insight into this, or if there is still an ETA for a FFR release? By the way, I have also read that FFR is the default browser for the headset, but that can't be true unless I'm missing something extremely obvious. Thanks in advance.
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