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  1. Known problem with MSI laptops. You need to contact MSI Support and ask them for an updated VBIOS (Video BIOS) for your onboard NVidia card. This will take some time currently due to the season. Until then you can try using an older driver that works with your current VBIOS which I think is 417.71.
  2. @C.T. Rebooted the PC and upon Vive Console starting it detected a failed firmware update and went into recovery mode and flashed the HMD. As far as I can tell everything is working OK now.
  3. @C.T. Did the update and the Vive Console is stuck on updating after 20 minutes: "\App\HID_Manager\HID_Manager_Server.exe" is still running which I think is part of the updating. Close Vive Console and hope for the best or is there any command I could try? Eventually I will have to shut it all down.
  4. Looks like the same problem I had. Cosmos has compatibility issues with some USB3 controllers/drivers. In my case my onboard ASMedia ASM1042 wouldn't initialize one of the USB components of the Cosmos, the VIVE Cosmos Multimedia Audio (USB\VID_0BB4&PID_0314&MI_00) which you too are missing. It would show up as a USB Composite Device as yours does. The problem would persist with the windows default "ASMedia USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 0.96 (Microsoft)" and the updated ASMedia Driver. To remedy I bought a PCIE ASMedia USB3 controller based on the AMS2142 chip. With that controller the Cosmos works with the windows default "ASMedia USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.10 (Microsoft)" but not with the updated ASMedia driver. Possible solutions: If your Cosmos is connected on the ASMedia USB3 controller try connecting it on the Intel one. If the Intel doesn't work update its driver. Looks like you are using the updated ASMedia driver (missing "-X.XX (Microsoft)" string), uninstall the ASMedia driver (and keep uninstalling and removing the driver if you had multiple updates) until you get the default Microsoft one. If neither the ASMedia or the Intel controller manages to work with the Cosmos you might have to buy like me a PCIE USB3 controller. Can't recommend any names cause mine was a mislabeled part.
  5. T

    Darkness problem

    There are some settings that could make things a bit better. Edit the file "c:\ProgramData\HTC\ViveSoftware\ViveVRRuntime\htcvr.vrsettings" with notepad and add to the htcvr section "Contrast" and "Saturation": eg from(might be a bit differen at yours): "htcvr" : { "BringUpDashboard" : true, "ForceRenderBeforeTracking" : false } to: "htcvr" : { "BringUpDashboard" : true, "ForceRenderBeforeTracking" : false, "Contrast" : 0.004, "Saturation" : 1 } 0.004 and 1 are the default values saved at "..\Updater\App\ViveVRRuntime\ViveVR\ViveVRServer\config\default.vrsettings". I am not really sure what ranges are acceptable but with "Contrast" set to -0.1 it should be a bit lighter at dark places. Changes take effect after restarting the Vive Console so close it, edit your values in, save and start it. ViveVRCompositor.exe has signs ("Press / to increase contrast by 0.01", "Press + to increate saturation by 0.01", etc) that you can change your Contrast and Saturation with keystrokes from possibly a debug/developer menu. To the devs, making this functionality available would probably be welcomed from those that have similar problems.
  6. You probably need an updated VBIOS (Video card BIOS) for your onboard video card. You have to contact MSI Support and ask for it as those updates are not publicly available.
  7. @TomCgcmfc AFAIK if he has the common MSI Laptop problem he needs to contact MSI Support to get an updated VBIOS for his onboard graphics card.
  8. @A-Jey You can download the SDK which has a demo that you can see in the videos in the same page. Inside the SDK file find "\ViveHandTracking_0.8.2.zip\Prebuilt samples\ViveHandTrackingSample_Win64.zip", unzip it somewhere and launch ViveHandTrackingSample.exe. Tried it a bit and it recognized my hands/fingers but it wasn't smooth. Looks like early stages or it needs specific lighting.
  9. There is a common problem with Firefox that starts steamvr when you visit sites that have some VR related scripts. Go to about:config, find dom.vr.openvr.enabled and set it to false(default is true). No idea why Firefox still does it after so much time or why sites embed these scripts.
  10. Click on the Black Friday Special, Order details come up, under subtotal there is a Select offer (1) which when clicked there is a 10% off coupon for Infinity members.
  11. @Fink Do you mean a physical store from HTC in Australia? Cause I bought it from the Vive store which is online.
  12. @Fink If you read the reddit post, another one is in a similar position like you. Payed for 1 month and redeemed the code last Friday and got six months. So if you have a promo code you can only get 6 months at the moment. Or are you asking if you can already redeem the code before the 2 months are gone to avoid your 6 months code turning to something smaller?
  13. @jagibson Don't you think that this detail should have been plastered with the code instead of the pretty much useless 12/2021 expiration date. If people knew that their code had around 1 month before it was halved, then they would have activated their code. Did you advertize it in any way or was it a surprise secret rule? And based on what you tell me, there might come a time when this code doesn't activate anything if the site doesn't run a promotion. In that case could you justify that I have an unexpired code that doesn't offer anything? I can't even understand how you think this is acceptable. The whole thing leaves a sour taste in my mouth and just turned me completelly away from Infinity. Congrats, your promotion made me not want to use your service.
  14. I see on reddit that someone redeemed his preorder Viveport Infinity code and it gave him 6 months instead of 12. The explanation from support was that the code is valid only for what the website is advertizing at the time of activation and after 11/05/2019, they were advertizing 6 months. I too haven't activated my code yet and instead wait until controllers are more functional or the lighthouse addon comes out. Is what the reddit post claims true? And if it's true what happens if the Vive site starts giving 1-2 months of Infinity or none at all? Will my code be downgraded too? What's the meaning of the 12/21/2019 expiration date if the product can change or vanish until that date?
  15. Some USB controllers/drivers are not compatible with the Cosmos. Open device manager and see if there are any devices with a warning icon.
  16. @C.T. Is the public the same as the beta Or are there any aditional fixes/features in it?
  17. I did some testing and if I let the animation fade, Origin pops up after 30-34 secs, if I open SteamVR dashboard right after launching Origin, it appears after 10-12 secs and is usable as soon as you close SteamVR. Not terrible difference but not snappy either. As for the Vivelens/Origin control tutorial after each update I don't understand either. I have tried a clean reinstall but that didn't help. But you must admit it's rather annoying to have the lessons after each update. I think we are at the sixth update in less than a month and between reinstalls and going beta/stable back and forth a couple of times, I must have memorized the whole speech. As for my observations, don't worry these will eventually stop coming as I put the controllers in a box as I did my Vive controllers. In 3 years I might have charged them 10-20 times and mostly so the bateries don't degrade. Right now the Cosmos for me is mostly a thing to "take apart" and see how it works. When my technology interest diminishes, my presence probably too will diminish from this forum. If I want tracking to get better it's cause right now I can't recommend it to anyone that wants to use games with fine controller usage. Besides some software hickups I too am satisfied with the Cosmos and I find it a better fit for me than the Vive. Cheers to you too.
  18. @TomCgcmfc I don't use SteamVR Home, I use whatever the default void is when neither Origin nor SteamVR Home is loaded. Like you, I do most things from lens but I bring the SteamVR dashboard to clear the stuck transfer animation to Origin and to use SteamVR dashboard extensions or SteamVR desktop view. As for the option to start Origin I believe we can both agree that having a menu option that can't be selected or used is a bug, either remove the menu option or make it usable. The camera problem won't be apparent if you are using the default normal view cause the problem is it resets to the default normal view. I am using only one room and it's recognized after an update so no need to redo room calibration, my problem is with Vivelens and Origin explaining to me each time the controls. I redid all my tracking tests with the camera view off and the controllers had the same tracking and occlusion problems. I even did them by directly looking at the lamps and the other way, same tracking. Also no apparent change in exposure in the transparent camera view when I look to the lamp or away from it. Controller wombling isn't terrible and without the camera view as a point of reference or any other kind or reference it's hard to see. Another test is to touch both halos together like bumping fists and move around while having them in your centre view. While both halos are visible and both controllers are physically coupled together, if you move around you can see their models wombling around or partially meshing together. Mind you these are observations, I didn't call them bugs. If the controller gets better tracking swell, if not my usage is mostly cockpit and I use the controllers for whatever menu controls are locked in VR and can't be accessed via keyboard/mouse/joystick. The current tracking is adequate to interact with a menu but it fails miserable whenever a controller or an arm partially occludes the other. Keeping them apart is not a solution in many VR games, you couldn't care less cause you are keeping your hands apart, I couldn't care less cause I don't play games that require a VR controller but I believe there are a lot of people that care and want to move the controllers one in front the other (eg. gun & bow games) or move wildly their hands around (eg. sword & melee games) without nonsensical constraints. Coming from the Vive lighthouse controllers, having as a requirement for the controllers to not be even partially occluded is a serious downgrade and not a good sale pitch, "Don't cross the streamscontrollers… It would be bad…".
  19. Headset tracking is better, hardly lose it now and I am trying fringe situations to purposely bug it out. Bugs 1. If I exit Origin(close from SteamVR dashboard) my selection resets to normal camera view and I have to go to the Vivelens settings menu and reselect my preference for the camera. Sometimes it remembers my selection but I still have to go to the Vivelens settings menu (just click the gear icon) for my selection to take effect. 2. In Vive Console's settings "Use VIVE Origin as your default VR home" is greyed out and can't be changed. You fixed Origin auto starting but now as far as I can see there is no option to set it for those who want it and I am guessing having a menu option that can't be changed is not intended. 3. Every time after an update the tutorial for the Vivelens and Origin is reset and I have to redo and complete all the tedious steps for the voice over to stop prompting me. Remembering if you completed the tutorial between updates should be normal. If possible an option to skip a tutorial would be welcome in case my settings are reset due to an update or a reinstallation cause chances that I would like to redo the tutorial after months when I do a clean install would be zero. 4. When I am in my empty 3D room/world and I select to go to Origin I get a transport animation. When Origin is ready the transport animation doesn't clear, I can hear the sounds, I can interact in the blind, teleport etc. I can't bring up Vivelens and I have to bring the SteamVR dashboard for the transport animation to go away and Origin to show up. Tracking observations 1. When the headset loses room tracking the 3D world remains static when you move around until it locks again to room features which is probably expected. The controllers also remain static and can't be moved even if they are in full view of the headset, only sensor tracking works and they rotate in place. It would be nice if the controllers could be tracked in relation with the headset even when room tracking is lost as you could use the Vivelens and SteamVR dashboards. 2. A good way to see problems with controller tracking is to set as "Camera View" the "Transparent Colored Outline" then turn camera on and have your hands with the controllers in full view in front you, I prefer an empty void for testing. If I keep my hands steady in place I can see a constant slight wombling of the controllers. And if I bring the controllers very near and start obstructing one controller's ring with the other I can see when its tracking is lost. Having the controllers in center view and obstructing half the halo of one controller with the other is enough for that first controller to lose its tracking and if I keep my hands in that position and turn around, the untracked controller will stay behind. If I slowly take them apart while tracking is lost I could have 1 or 2 tenths of the halo obstructed and it still wouldn't track. Another test is to momentarily occlude one controller with the other one while crossing them, the occluded controller stalls in place and jumps back to its intended track when is back in view. Or have one controller stationary and the other crossing and momentarily hiding it, the stationary controller will jump momentarily. Better said with videos but not a fan of video uploading.
  20. Bugs 1. In Vive Console's settings "Use VIVE Origin as your default VR home" is greyed out and can't be changed. VIVE Origin always starts and can't be disabled. 2. In Vivelens settings I have selected as "Camera View" the "Transparent Colored Outline". Whenever I start VR the Camera view is the default "Normal Camera". I have to go to the Vivelens settings menu(just click the gear icon) for my camera to change to my selected "Transparent Colored Outline". 3. When the headset loses tracking and doesn't recognize where it's located related to the room, the controllers lose complete visual tracking and have only positional tracking from the sensors. They appear as floating somewhere and me being able to only roll them in place and click buttons. I have to go and look at identifying features in my room so my headset recognizes where it is and then the controllers start tracking again. The headset even when it has lost its relative position to the room, it can partially track as walking still moves me around in my Origin room. I would expect the controllers would still have full tracking in relation with the headset even when the headset wasn't sure where its own location was in the room. Making the controllers always track could help in fringe situations where the headset loses its bearings.
  21. Almost certainly you need a VBIOS update. From the other thread here is the ending post for the person that had the problem. You can point to this thread if MSI Support needs any proof.
  22. The VBIOS are not public and are given out only after contacting MSI Support on a case by case. If you are affected by the VBIOS problem(what's your version? please tell us) you will have to contact them and ask them. On the linked thread, first time the poster contacted MSI Support they said there was no updated VBIOS and he had to retry until they gave it. The linked thread might give you info for making your case with them.
  23. R-click on desktop, select NVIDIA Control Panel, click on system information and check what the Video BIOS Version is. Chances are you need a VBIOS update. Read this thread for more info. The poster there had a VBIOS version of 86.04.7D.00.29 and had to update to 86.04.7D.00.37.
  24. I covered my 2 front cameras and moved the controller between the up/down and 2 side cameras. When the controller was in front the 2 covered cameras it would lose tracking but when it was seen by any of the other 4 cameras it would start tracking again. So the side cameras are tracking but how good I can't tell. I also had problems twice on my right controller, it would appear as being some meters in front of me and looked like it was still tracking or it was only sensor tracking. Even if I touched the controller to the cameras it wouldn't come back to me and I had to switch it off and on for it to work again. @Synthesis
  25. Googling your VBIOS version of 86.04.7D.00.29 brings me to this result : So at least for the GTX 1070 at the MSI GE63 Raider RGB 8RF laptop the 86.04.7D.00.29 VBIOS is broken for the Rift S and there is an updated version for it that fixed it. Also from the same thread the updated version fixed the problem for the GTX 1070 for a MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RE. Another post for the Valve Index which also shows that the problem is not limited to one headset: You can't blame me if I think that what MSI support told you is wrong. In that last post for the Valve Index, a workaround that has been discussed in other cases is to use a old nvidia driver that doesn't produce the fault like the 417.71 one. Mind you the latest drivers claim that they added support for the Cosmos so old driver might not work.
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